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Chuck Liddell Will Be Dancing With The Stars

I wrote a blog last week speculating about Chuck Liddell’s future. I talked about potential fights and a return to the UFC. I expected Chuck Liddell to return to dancing on faces, not television. The next competition for Chuck Liddell will be Dancing With The Stars. Chuck Liddell was announced today as part of the next cast of ABCs Dancing With The Stars.

I think this is great on so many levels. For one, I have never watched ABC’s Dancing With The Stars for a second. However, I will absolutely tune into the show next season to check out the Iceman. I would also suspect that a big portion of the 1.77 million fans who ordered UFC 100 are feeling the same way this morning.

[adinserter block=”1″]It is a brave move for Liddell. Dancing With The Stars isn’t exactly what I think of when I think of masculine competition. Yet I don’t think anyone will be questioning Liddell’s machismo any time in the near future. I would imagine that it will be a big step for Liddell stepping out of his comfort zone. This may be one of the most courageous decisions that the UFC Hall of Fame fighter has ever made.

I have never watched the show so I can only vaguely speculate on how he will do. From what I gather, professional athletes seem to do pretty well. The show has featured several former NFL players who have all done well and even won. As a former boxer and fighter, Liddell will have excellent foot work. I think he actually has a shot of winning this thing.

It is a slam dunk win for UFC. There are many that feel that UFC fighters are barbarians and thugs. This should put a human face on UFC and allow MMA to breakthrough some major barriers. MMA is still banned to this day in New York. A dancing Chuck Liddell will really help put a new spin on the sport and give UFC even more publicity.

[adinserter block=”2″]God bless the poor judge that has to critique Chuck Liddell. I could see it now. “A perfect 10, the best, we love you Chuck…just don’t hit me.”

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