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Christmas Well Wishes For the WWE

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. From the bottom of my heart, I hope today brings everyone nothing but peace and harmony. Here are a few Christmas wishes for some of our favorite wrestlers. All too often, we are consumed with our own well wishes. This is a little something different. Here are a few wishes for the stars we watch on the big screen today.

Daniel Bryan

A real title reign. The WWE really made a mess of the rise and potential fall of this superstar. The belief that bigger is better is not always the bets thing for this company. Bryan is every it Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, two great wrestlers who are missed, all rolled into one. He deserves a title for an extended period of time.

John Cena

The courage to change. Cena is the moneymaker for this team. He and everyone else knows it. Now, there is need for change. Cena’s greatest strength for the company would finally be a character change that could make him an even bigger superstar. The WWE and Cena may worry his moving to the dark side might hurt his merchandise sales, but I think it makes him more profitable,

CM Punk

More conviction. The loss of Paul Heyman to his character is a real kick in the balls for this WWE superstar. Whether he was working with Heyman or against him, Punk had a drive unmatched by anyone on the WWE with the exception of Heyman himself and Daniel Bryan. Now, he is a shadow of his former self and that hurts his character. I have always said the lone wolf Punk is the best he can be for all of professional wrestling.

The Undertaker

One last ride. Everyone know this is Takers time of year to prepare for WrestleMania. I hope he comes back and then walks off into the sunset. No matter who his opponent is – probably John Cena, it should be one who can give him a match worthy of a huge sendoff.

Randy Orton

Don’t go changing. This is the Randy Orton we need and deserve. Something tells me there will be a shift of some sort with the Authority after the first of the year that will effect Orton and his standing in the newly formed Kliq. Maybe Batista will have something to do with it.

Wade Barrett

A chance at greatness. Barrett and Antonio Cesaro are the two most underused stars in this company and the WWE has yet to figure that out. Maybe in time Barrett joins Zeb Colter and his band of characters. Maybe in time he joins forces with Sheamus and rules the WWE tag team division. Either way, Barrett deserves a chance to shine.

The Shield

The ability to be successful on their own. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins can all be hugely successful in the singles ranks. The word is Reigns is in line for a huge push, but it should be Ambrose, who is as dynamic as a younger CM Punk. If all three can rule together, they can rule on their own.

Triple H

[adinserter block=”2″]The ability to turn it all around. Wrestling is as unpopular as it has been in decades. The need for Vince McMahon to come back to television proves the company still needs to old man to sell the business. Bottom line is this is company that fans do not believe in because they are still waiting to see the old guard. That is not going to sell tickets. Now, the new guard must prove it can move forward with better matches, new stars and risky moves.

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  1. Plus as up and down as the booking is. A Cena heel turn is bound to be used a Triple H self-stroke that’ll flop after two months of ridiculousness.

  2. You people have got to stop with the Cena as a heel stuff. Stop judging WWE on what you want it it to be and judge it for what its intended purpose is. WWE is not in the business of holding on to wrestling tradition its in the business of making money. And Cena makes money. Turning him heel is not some magic bullet that will save the WWE from its booking woes.

  3. Cena as a heel? seriously the people who hate him are not going to suddenly like him because he is the bad guy. all it will do is make a bunch of kids cry and make wrestling fans yawn as they have seen this before and done better. they have waited way to long to turn him if they were going to. nobody will buy it if they do it now. the wwe does need to get their act together in writing story lines that make sense. they spend allot of time developing and pushing guys like dolf zeigler then just forget about him and him lose every match just as he is getting going. same thing with ryback, the guy was being pushed and could have been the next goldberg then you have him lose every big match? then turn him into a bad guy bully?come on get it together and write some story lines that make sense.


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