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Christian Vs. Randy Orton Takes A Shocking Turn

Fans are upset at Randy Orton's win over ChristianWWE’s hottest rivalry took a huge turn in the right direction this week at the SmackDown taping. An angle to air this Friday on SmackDown will take the Randy Orton vs. Christian feud in a whole new direction. Needless to say, these two guys are just getting warmed up.

This blog does contain SmackDown spoilers for this week. If you don’t wish to read the spoilers, stop reading now.

[adinserter block=”2″]The next time you start to get all upset about a WWE storyline on the initial angle, think back to Christian vs. Randy Orton. Fans were outraged a month ago when Randy Orton ended Christian’s WWE world heavyweight title reign after two days. The outrage surrounded Christian with most fans upset at what they perceived as Christian being squashed. A month later Christian is on his way to becoming the hottest act in the WWE and bigger than even his loyal supporters could have hoped for. Please send all apology letters directly to Vince McMahon.

This week’s SmackDown tapings saw the culmination of an expected Christian heel turn. Rather than a rivalry based purely on athletic competition, Randy Orton vs. Christian now has a clear cut plotline. I can’t imagine Christian vs. Randy Orton not added to Capitol Punishment which is a match that I can’t imagine anyone complaining about seeing on two pay per view shows in a row.

This week’s show will start with a Christian vs. Mark Henry match. After defeating Henry, Christian asked Teddy Long to turn the Sheamus vs. Randy Orton championship match into a Triple Threat Match. Long declined but offered to make Christian a special guest referee. Please explain the logic in that one! Anyway, this set the wheels in motion for what appears to be a dramatic ending to this Friday’s SmackDown.

Sheamus won a match last week to earn a crack at Randy Orton this week. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for the WWE world heavyweight title took place with Christian as the referee. The ending came when Christian faked a shoulder injury which wouldn’t allow to count a Sheamus cover right away. Christian miraculously recovered to count Sheamus down after an RKO, giving Orton the win. Christian then nailed Randy Orton in the head with the belt following the match cementing his heel turn. Captain Charisma is back!

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The only negative here is that with Christian turning, SmackDown is left with one elite babyface and that’s the world champion. Daniel Bryan would probably be next in line but there is such a wide gap between him and Orton that it is almost laughable to put both of them in the same sentence. Alex Riley was a SmackDown guy and could return to the brand as a big star after his feud with The Miz. In the meantime either someone is going to have to get a monster push or someone from RAW is going to make a jump.

[adinserter block=”1″]Christian and Randy Orton have wrestled twice, most recently at Over the Limit and have had two excellent matches. Their match at Over the Limit blew away anything else on the show. So count me in as someone excited about seeing these guys continue their feud throughout the summer. This feud really has the potential to turn into another Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels series and even appears to be following the pattern of their successfully booked program of 2008.

Friday Night SmackDown airs this Friday at 8PM on the Syfy channel.

Thanks to Prowrestling.net for the details.

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  1. "The next time you start to get all upset about a WWE storyline on the initial angle, think back to Christian vs. Randy Orton."

    No. Again I point out that they could've changed their minds and come up with an alternate storyline after the reaction from the fans. To me at least this is the more likely conclusion, Vince and his creative team have proven they couldn't write a script any better than Private Practice.


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