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Christian Eriksen makes heroic comeback to Denmark’s team

This is Christian Eriksen’s first national appearance since his cardiac arrest 

One truly has to salute Eriksen’s resolve. After such an incident many players might choose to look the other way but that’s not how Eriksen is wired.

It was a problematic journey for Eriksen as according to the Italian laws any player who suffers a heart-related complication is not allowed to further play in the league.

Eriksen had one more year on his contract but he did not play for Inter. Searching for football the Danish finally found himself back in the Premier League playing for Brentford and it looks like Erikson will have one more chance for glory with the Danish National team.

Eriksen will be recalled for international matches in March 

Eriksen is looking to catch his stride and Brentford is a very good place for him. He has 1 assist in 3 games and has brought inspiration to the team.

They are currently in a relegation battle and someone like Eriksen can help propel that push for safety. In the Premier League Eriksen plays with an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) – a type of pacemaker.

There is no doubt about the talent that Eriksen possesses and he is only 30 years old. If he can return to his fitness he can be a big asset to both his club and national team.

However, the team will take it slowly in Eriksen’s case. These are both International friendlies and you can expect him to enter the game as a substitute.

The Danish teams and fans are ecstatic about Eriksen’s return. This was their statement on the situation. “It will no doubt bring chills, big smiles, and huge applause when Eriksen returns to a hopefully packed Parken Stadium when we meet Serbia on March 29.”

Eriksen has his eyes on the World Cup

When Christian Eriksen made his first appearance against Newcastle, he received a standing ovation from the fans. He was truly delighted to be back and loved each and every moment of it.

“I’m one happy man. To go through what I’ve been through, being back is a wonderful feeling,” he said. Although, Christian’s not done yet. He wants to make a proper return and is eyeing a spot in the National Team for the World Cup.

My goal is to play in the World Cup in Qatar,” he said. “I want to play. That’s been my mindset all along.

“It’s a goal, a dream, whether I’ll be picked is another thing. But it’s my dream to come back. I’m sure I can come back because I don’t feel any different. Physically, I’m back in top shape.”

Although Eriksen says he’s back, it isn’t easy to recover from something like that. A lot will depend on the time left with Brentford. He signed a 6-month contract with the club and will see the season out with them.

If he shows that level of skill we know he possesses, there could be a good transfer window waiting for him as we enter into the next season.



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