Chris Weidman Proved Nothing With Anderson Silva KO


The combat sports world continues to buzz just hours after Chris Weidman dethroned Anderson Silva to become UFC middleweight champion at UFC 162. Fans and media have declared Weidman the better man but let’s not kid ourselves, Weidman proved nothing with the knockout.

[adinserter block=”1″]Don’t misunderstand me. I think what Weidman pulled off was remarkable. He defeated the greatest fighter in MMA history with a knockout. It doesn’t get much better than that in terms of excitement. But the idea that Chris Weidman made a statement and is now the greatest fighter in the middleweight division is just flat out fiction.

Let’s break down that first round of the fight. Weidman was favored by some for his wrestling. Those same experts also said that Weidman was toast if he couldn’t do anything with Silva on the ground. Weidman scored a takedown immediately on the former champion. As soon as that happened I heard a lot of “I told you so” tweets. But those same people praising the greatness of Weidman today are quick to forget what happened from there.

On the ground Weidman dropped punches and elbows but appeared to do very little damage to the Spider. He certainly scored points but at no point did I think he was close to finishing. What very few people are mentioning is that Silva was continually working on the ground as Weidman was dropping those strikes. As a matter of a fact Silva looked close to getting Weidman exactly where he wanted him. The one thing most of Silva’s opponents don’t respect is his BJJ. It appeared that Weidman was falling into that same trap.

Weidman’s mistake here was going for a kneebar. He went for the knee and ankle and wound up giving up his position to Silva. The fight completely changed here. Silva started clowning around or as I like to call it, played mind games with the new champion. He took Weidman completely out of his game. Weidman was throwing punches and Silva was ducking and moving away from all of them. He made Weidman look very ordinary by the end of the round.

The second round of course is where the KO came. It was a fitting end to Silva’s reign as Silva has been toying with challengers the same way for years. You knew that at some point it was going to catch up with him and it did. Weidman threw a left hook and was mocked in the middle of the octagon by Silva. Unfortunately for Silva Weidman was done being mocked and connected with a winning series of punches to end the fight.

This was not in any way shape or form a case of a guy that outclassed Silva in any way throughout the fight. This was a case of a guy who was so arrogant and full of himself that he got caught by a guy that had better striking than he respected. Anderson Silva lost this fight, Chris Weidman did not beat him. You are kidding yourself if you think Silva was giving it his best and lost to the better man. Silva clowned Silva!

[adinserter block=”2″]It was a nice win for Weidman but he showed me nothing in that fight. As a matter of a fact I’d take Vitor Belfort over Weidman in a second at this rate, maybe even Michael Bisping. I’d fly out to Vegas and put money on Silva in a second in a rematch because I can’t imagine Silva taking him lightly after this. Anderson Silva is an idiot but beating someone fighting like an idiot doesn’t necessarily make you the better man…it makes you the smarter man.

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  1. "It was a nice win for Weidman but he showed me nothing in that fight."

    That's quite an inane "observation" and "deduction" of yours. You may seriously want to consider writing about something you're more knowledgeable about. My recommendation is that you go into comedy — but although you'll get laughs, they'll be laughing at you – not with you.

  2. If Silva getting knocked out BECAUSE of his ass-clown arrogance isn't the epitome of being "out classed" I don't know what is. It's a complete disrespect for his competitors & a classless game played a champion. It's only ever accepted, when it works… for baseball fans, it's "Manny being Manny".

  3. He didn't say Weidman was a bum;he said that Anderson's arrogance is what put Anderson in the predicament.Two things can be true at the same time!And I agree on the Belfort match and rematch comment!

  4. the puzzle, the riddle that is Anderson Silva has been solved already…Sure he is the best….but he is old…has lost an edge in the stand up because of age…That can't be fixed. Weidman will need to avoid the rope a dope in the rematch…He can't gas himself while Silva slips punches for 2 or 3 rounds…..He will tire and get frustrated..then its Silva's fight….I think he will be smart…use his strengths…which is wrestling…and taking advantage of opportunities he creates…I really think he stops Silva again…and maybe puts a bad enough beating on him to retire him for good. This kid is raw but very smart, well rounded…and has tremendous power to go along with the wrestling…That versatility and his youth make him very dangerous.

  5. You are a moron or dejected Anderson Silva Nut Hugger or possibly both. Winman will also beat him in the rematch without Anderson acting like a careless clown. Face reality and accept Weidman is the real deal and Anderson's best days are behind him. By the way, your man Andy sure missed out on a mega payday with a super fight with Jon Jones or maybe GSP.

  6. If you didn’t see the damaging shots landing to Silva’s head in the first while in the half guard, you weren’t watching very closely. Other than two or three leg kicks, Silva did *nothing* of consequence for the duration of the fight.

    Silva has lost 6 of his last 8 rounds versus outstanding wrestlers, and this time he didn’t pull off a gift triangle or land a knee to Sonnen’s chest after a silly flailing backhand whiff.

    Your superhero is mortal. Weidman has excellent wrestling, submissions, hand control from the guard lending to powerful GnP, and power while standing. The only thing you’ve proven with this article is you’re a Silva nut hugger.

  7. I have to agree with you Silva beat Silva. Also it should be noted that Silva is 38, so even if he got his ass handed to him, it would mostly be cause he's just older and thinking about his family. The guy is probably done with this sport, he has plenty of money, will probably do some other things and be praised in Brazil for the rest of his life.

    One thing is for sure though, I'm done watch UFC. The problem with having a sport of fighters is that if you like one and they drop down, well there's no point in watching it anymore. It's not like wrestling, which is not only predictable theatre but it's just more fun.

    • Good God you know nothing. Silva had just signed a new 8 fight contract, so he is clearly not done. He is going back to be with his family and plan where to go after losing the belt, but he said that is like 3 or 4 months he needs.

      For someone who likes him you sure do not know much about it. He did not look old in that fight at all. He used his technique to draw a wrestler into standing up with him like he has before, he didnt realize the punching power Weidman has. Anderson got beat, I'm not saying Weidman wins 10/10 against Silva; but he is more than fitting to beat him and hold the belt.

  8. Sounds like you (Eric Gargiulo) are trying out for a position at the party of " IlostmoneyonthisfightbettingonSilva" and are now butt-hurt. you can twist it any way you want to make yourself feel better, but here are the facts;
    Silva lost.
    Weidman won.

    Weidman BEAT Silva. Did he do it in some sort of special way? As a matter of fact he did, he KO'd him, something that is a first to happen to Silva in his entire career.

    If you want to sit there and say Weidman showed you nothing, other then KNOCKING OUT someone who is considered the best pound for pound Middle weight MMA fighter ever, that had never been KNOCKED OUT, then you are either blind to reality, or you are so upset that Silva lost you are trying to justify the loss to something other then enough talent by Weidman to WIN.
    To even try to use that failed Logic of (they didnt win the game, the other team lost it) is about as idiotic as you can get. LOGIC….. If you lose a game/fight, that means the other team/person WON, no matter the degree to which it happened.

    Get over your butt-hurt, and move along nicely now.
    P.S. I have watched, respected and loved A. Silva since Pride in Japan when I was stationed there in the early 90's, I have watched his career, and as much as I am disappointed in him not winning last night. The fact remains, Weidman WON. Quit trying to spin shit, you look / sound like a politician.

    • Amen perfectly stated. Many Andrea Silvianna fans are in denial. The cherry picking back fired and sisy boy's taunted got him what he deserves…..Knocked the Heck out by a better fighter,

    • Silva tried to pull that Roy Jones Jr leaving your hands down and duck and bob and weave to try to show him up. Roy jones got knocked out the first time because he didn't keep his hands up. Anderson thinks he is better than everyone and can leave his hands down. Anyone with a lucky punch could have beat him that night. What a stupid way to lose your belt. It was like he wanted to lose on purpose that's what it looked like to me. Like it was staged.


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