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Chris Jericho Thinks The Rock Should Work House Shows

Chris Jericho thinks The Rock should work house showsChris Jericho recently gave his thoughts on the WWE’s WrestleMania 28 plans and the return of The Rock. Jericho isn’t impressed and thinks his former foe should pay more dues before he takes the headlining spot. “He’s playing in the games and not playing in the practices.”

It is really hard to tell with Chris Jericho whether he is truthfully answering a question or having a bit of fun. For example, in the last month alone Jericho told one reporter that he was 90% close to finalizing a deal with the WWE and told someone else that he may never go back. So before you go nuts about Jericho’s criticism on The Rock, I will certainly keep that in mind.

[adinserter block=”2″]Regardless, Jericho is looking at The Rock’s WrestleMania 28 homecoming with cynical eyes. The red carpet being rolled out by the WWE for The Rock isn’t sitting well with the former undisputed world heavyweight champion. Jericho was fairly outspoken about it in a recent interview with The Score.

“Hey, Dwayne, you’re great and all, but you can’t headline WrestleMania 28 unless you’re willing to pay your dues and work house shows like everyone else is going to do before WrestleMania 28. Or else, I’m sorry to say, we won’t be using you at WrestleMania 28 next year.”

“But, I think they did that to show people that Rock isn’t going anywhere and won’t be coming back and forth. It’s almost like he’s playing in the games and not playing in the practices. He’s got that main event spot at WrestleMania without having to do house shows. Hey, he’s The Rock. When a guy like that comes back, people are excited about, and he can pick and choose his spots, so good for him.”

It is really hard to take Jericho’s statements seriously because I just can’t honestly believe that those are his true feelings. For one, he and The Rock are reportedly very tight unless there was some kind of a fall out. Two, Jericho knows better than anyone else the dues that The Rock paid. Three and most important, Jericho understands the business and he knows that less is more on The Rock. Putting The Rock on the road on house shows is so absurd, that I am giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

While most observers applauded the WWE’s efforts to promote a match a year ahead of time, Jericho begs to differ. Jericho is critical of the decision and well, if he really believes what he is saying than he hasn’t watched WWE television in months.

“It (the build to WM28) might be a little long, but if anything, it’s a little sad because it takes away some of that mysticism of who’s going to be in the main event of WrestleMania. What happens if, eight months from now, someone is really, really hot and should be in that position, but that position is already taken. What do you do?”

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Hey Chris, watch a few hours of RAW and SmackDown and your worries will be alleviated. If Chris Jericho really believes that there is anyone on the roster right now that has the potential to outdraw The Rock at WrestleMania 28 than he hasn’t watched or followed the product. Either Chris has done a little too much head banging on tour or he is just having fun with the Internet and the interviewer.

Chris is also a very smart businessman. Why not plant the seed for a future match with The Rock? Jericho and The Rock have wrestled numerous times and a rematch in 2012 or 2013 could do some big business. Hey, Cena vs. The Rock is an angle that came from press interviews so why not at least plant the seed?

[adinserter block=”1″]Chris also addressed a return to the WWE. What I love about Chris is that he is constantly putting a new spin on what has to be the most tiresome question he gets on the media tour. Google Chris Jericho interviews and you will see a different answer every time he is asked the question. Jericho told The Score that he may not come back at all and may ride the current wave of music success that Fozzy is experiencing in favor of a WrestleMania return.

“It’s like there’s some sort of expiration date on me. I never once said I was coming back and I’m not sure when that will be. My contract ended in September, I knew Dancing with the Stars was coming up, and I knew Fozzy had a lot of tour dates coming up,” Jericho told The Score.

I have to be honest. The more I read these interviews the more I miss seeing Chris Jericho on WWE television every week.

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