Chris Jericho Responds to Triple H’s WWE RAW Promo


[adinserter block=”1″]Triple H cut one of the most bizarre promos on this week’s Monday Night RAW. Triple H in putting down Daniel Bryan took some shots at a few former WWE stars. One has responded in what could be the start of an upcoming feud.

Triple H went out his way to bury Rob Van Dam, Edge, and Chris Jericho last night at the end of the RAW show. Hunter told the world that those guys were not “the one” no matter how badly some fans wanted to see them pushed. Hunter went on to say that they bombed and if they were given the ball, everyone in the WWE would be working for Ted Turner.

Chris Jericho didn’t take this lightly. Jericho went on his Twitter account and posted a quick but effective response to the WWE C.O.O.

“Thing is @tripleh despite ur major push,u never were either. Good luck in ur future endeavours @emmrichr84: Not the one @TripleH? I disagree

For the record Edge and Rob Van Dam did not post anything in response but were active on Twitter so that should tell you something right there. Jericho only took a few hours to respond.

Now the skeptic in me says that this is all part of a big angle. Jericho is notorious for playing up angles and working fans on Twitter. Jericho was penciled in to return at some point in time for WrestleMania. I have no idea why Hunter would drop his name randomly (or all three for that matter) if there wasn’t something to this.

As far as the content of the promo, well it is hard to get that upset about it. The man is a heel. Why would he go out and say anything complimentary about any babyfaces? I would take it with a grain of salt. Maybe he was just having fun with what he likes to call the dirt sheets? I just wouldn’t get that upset about it.

Is there money in Jericho returning as part of the feud? Yes but I am not sure where he fits in. The logical progression as I see it is for The Big Show to get Randy Orton next with Hunter at some point wrestling Daniel Bryan. Maybe that is the way they go and Jericho comes back in December after those feuds run their course? Even if they go to Cena after, that would still leave Hunter or Orton (whoever isn’t wrestling Cena) open for the Jericho run.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have no idea if that is the way they go but I don’t think anything happens by accident. Especially when it comes to Triple H’s promos. Everything that man says he says for a reason. I could easily see this culminating with all three coming back for this (Edge not wrestling of course). As a matter of a fact I’d almost bank on it.

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  1. Hey, no problem.
    I also think he named dropped him because the promo they cut a few weeks ago with Edge wanting to get his hand on Trips went over pretty well. Also maybe they are trying to use the HBK screw job and rehash a very old angle? If that is what they are trying to do then I think its wasted on Daniel, not saying he is not a great wrestler or anything, but Brett was a pulverizing figure back then and that infuriated every fan the WWE had. I don't think you get that same reaction with Daniel. Cena or Punk maybe would be better or even Orton just for the sheer fact that he would go nuts.

  2. Sorry to hear about your concussion, hope all is well. Remember when Edge made that crappy movie, and it was released right after he left. He made a couple of appearences then too. Same thing they do with Rock and Austin (before the valley of straight to DVD movies hit) and when Jericho first left to tour with Fozzy they were showing the bands album cover on Raw and tour dates…. At least it seemed that way to me.

    • Thanks. I am about over it. 🙂 Yes, I remember all that. No, I mention Edge because Edge was mentioned in the promo. I get why Jericho and RVD were mentioned (future storylines) . I do not get why Edge, a man who can NOT physically wrestle, and can NOT get involved (physically) in story lines, was mentioned. As you know, Edge was forced to retire due to spinal stenosis in his neck. I just wondered why Edge was mentioned.

      Another thing that was interesting about that promo. When Triple H talked about the Monday Night Wars, and how if the three wrestlers mentioned could not be "the one" in WWE or whatever. Well, the funny part was that the man in that ring, HBK, HE was "the ONE" in 1996 who was the World Title Holder during the Monday night wars. WWE was in a war with Ted Turner with HBK as "the one."

      That was all. I apologize to you , Maximus for my initial response. 🙂

  3. Edgerules- Sorry I have to disagree with you regarding Jericho being debatable. Why would he have held almost every championshipin the business if he could pull in the numbers or preform? I also believe you name drop Edge because his show is coming back on SyFy and that is what you do to push your people, he will make a couple more guest appearences to get his face back out on TV. He probably name dropped Rob because they want to get him signed on for more then a couple of months at a time and figured dropping him into something on Raw instead of Smackdown (with the focus will probably go when Cena) comes back) so he can get more TV time. Bring up Jericho is an automatic sign that he is on his way back pretty soon. However, I think it may be before Wrestlmania. Bringing him back after is good, but maybe before hand will give them something to build on after mania. Maybe a Jericho run in at Mania to cost Trips the win or something.

    • Well, it is my bad all around because I am recovering from a concussion, and I am still kind of woozy and was not paying attention. Triple H was talking about when he was in WCW in 1995. I do laugh at your silly comment about Edge and his show. The show is already on. Whatever.

  4. Edge was one of their top stars. Compare the majority of their SD ratings when he was the top dog, and compare them now. While I agree it was angle, I really don't think it was necessary to drop Edge, a non wrestler (sadly) into it. Why they (creative) would trash a man who has broken his neck twice for that company, I don't know. You are right, Eric, there is probably some sort of thing coming up where all three come back, but RVD was not a huge star in WWE. Jericho…debatable. Edge…..he certainly was a huge star, that is not even an argument.


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