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Chris Jericho Reportedly Considering Limited WWE Return

Chris Jericho to be a Contestant on ABC Dancing With the StarsMove over Randy Orton and John Cena because a former WWE champion is considering a comeback. Chris Jericho is reportedly considering a returning to the WWE in news that is bound to excite Jericho-holics around the world.

Dave Meltzer broke the news in his latest Wrestling Observer newsletter. According to Melzter, Jericho is mulling over a return to the WWE but only on a limited basis. The limited schedule would Y2J to seek out other opportunities without the approval of WWE management. According to Meltzer, there were issues between Jericho and Vince McMahon regarding Jericho’s decision to host the game show “Downfall” during his last run with the company.

These Jericho rumors seem to pop up every other month so I am going to temper the excitement a bit. It should also be pointed out that Meltzer’s report said “considering” and did not say explicitly that Jericho was interested in returning. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the WWE would give Jericho the freedom he desires in his contract. They should, but that doesn’t mean they will.

Jericho’s timing whether he intentionally leaked these rumors or not couldn’t be better. RAW and SmackDown ratings are down, pay per view buyrates are disappointing, and recent house show attendance have been underwhelming to say the least. I can’t imagine that Jericho’s presence would do anything less than improve the quality of the shows, thus leading to an initial increase in interest across the board.

I won’t lead you to believe that Jericho is the savior who can turn the company around. However, the reality is that the WWE has John Cena, Randy Orton, and nobody else in the top echelon of main-event wrestlers. CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio have been elevated but it will take time for either guy to have an immediate impact. Jericho is a guy that will have impact from the day he walks into the company, something that gives him a lot of leverage in my opinion.

It is silly at this point to pontificate Jericho going to RAW or SmackDown because the brand extension is more or less dead. I think at this stage of the game SmackDown is the perfect home since he can appear on both RAW and SmackDown. Feuds with Christian and Randy Orton while old news, could really help out the Sy Fy ratings at least in the short term. Once Orton gets Mark Henry and Christian gets past Sheamus, I have no idea what lays ahead for either guy. Jericho could be that answer.

Obviously feuds with any of the top guys on RAW from Cena to Punk to Del Rio to even The Miz are strong possibilities for the first ever unified world heavyweight champion. Jericho did start off slow on his last run with the company but really hit steam in 2008 with a classic feud against Shawn Michaels. He never looked back at that moment and became arguably the most complete package in the WWE up until he left the company.

A WrestleMania 28 payoff has to be a huge lure for Jericho. This year’s show is looking like it would be the biggest of all time, so it has to be tempting for someone like Jericho to come back and reap the immediate rewards. If the Punk vs. Steve Austin match doesn’t work out and it likely won’t, Punk vs. Jericho makes a nice substitution. Either way the timing is right for all of this to happen, I just hope that both sides can get it done if Jericho decides he wants to come back for a third run.

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