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Chris Jericho Questions Current WWE Direction and Booking

Just because Chris Jericho isn’t on WWE RAW doesn’t mean he’s not watching. The former undisputed champion has been keeping an eye on things and is not a fan of the current direction or angle with Triple H and Daniel Bryan.

[adinserter block=”1″]Jericho is a funny guy when it comes to interviews. He is very savvy when it comes to working his own storylines but is also quite candid when talking about everything else. Jericho is doing some media to promote Fozzy and was recently asked about the current WWE direction. Jericho did not hold back and made some fantastic points regarding the blurring of reality and fiction on WWE television. Jericho opened up about the blurred lines on Busted Open.

I think sometimes it confuses the fans when you do too much insider stuff, before I came back in 2012, I remember when Punk and Nash were having their feud and their were going back and forth and Nash said: “You would never draw a dime.” I think people do not understand what that really means. I think we all assume that people read the sheets and read the internet and really eighty percent don’t. I’m a big music fan, I read Billboard magazine and I follow charts and read the reviews and see what’s going on but I guarantee that eighty percent of people that like music don’t or eighty percent of people that watch movies don’t read the receipts every week . I think when people say: “Edge didn’t draw a dime” and that’s supposed to be a “heat getting line” and people really do not know what that even means. Edge was a ten-time World Champion so doesn’t that mean he was good? So what, he never took a pencil, drew a circle and wrote “10 cents” in the middle of it. I mean, what does “drawing a dime” really mean? I think we assume that everybody knows as much about wrestling as we do. Telling people: “You’re too small” or “You’re too ugly” and Big Show is broke so he needs the money, it’s like if I’ve been working for WWE and I was broke, something is wrong with me! I don’t want to cheer for Big Show if he is broke after 14 years, you question yourself on: “What the hell were you spending all your money on?” You’re a former World Champion. When I watched Stampede Wrestling, I saw a wrestler by the name of Goldie Rodgers and he was an opening match jobber and I was thinking: “If I can be like Goldie Rodgers, that’s all I want, he is probably making one hundred and fifty thousand a year. Little did I know that he was making fifty a night and probably getting ripped off. To me because he was on television, he was a superstar and rich. That’s what we need to portray our WWE superstars to be.
When they are talking about the pre-show, it’s like “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” when (Mike) Damone talks to Mark “Rat” Ratner: “Where ever you are, it’s the place to be.” If you’re on the pre-show, it’s going to be the biggest pre-show of your life. When you fighting for the Intercontinental Championship, I was fighting (Curtis) Axel , I wanted them to do in-ring introductions, it either got cut off before I got to the ring or someone forgot to do it, this is a title match on a network television show. Why are we not making this a big deal? I don’t care if it’s the Intercontinental Championship, it’s a championship, it doesn’t matter if it’s the World Championship or the Midget Championship, it should be treated as such because if we don’t treat it as such then nobody will. It’s the same way with these storylines too. “Daniel Bryan is small and ugly.” I never noticed that. I don’t know how big he is. You see these guys in the ring and they are all the same size unless you’re the Big Show or Rey Mysterio. He’s got a beard, ok. He’s ugly, ok who cares, and who said your ugly. Maybe under that beard, he’s the hottest guy. I don’t know. But sometimes they do these things that they thing are going to get heat but I’m not sure if it does get heat.

Bravo! I can’t say that this is any kind of revelation to fans who pay close attention to the product but Jericho is the first guy closely associated with it to make these same kinds of criticisms. I never for a second understood why the McMahons would mock Daniel Bryan as a troll and call him ugly when they are trying at the same time to market him as one of their top stars. Jericho pointing this out is refreshing to say the least.

Jericho also talks about his controversial incident in Brazil with a flag that resulted in a suspension. Jericho doesn’t even think Vince saw it and jumped the gun, similar to what may have happened with Jim Ross at the 2K14 panel.

I don’t know what happened at Summerslam Access, I just heard about it. Obviously J.R. wasn’t doing much, he had a lot to do with developmental and he was kind of on the outskirts. I bet Vince didn’t even see it, I’m sure he heard about it and just made his opinions on that like what happened with the flag kicking incident in Brazil. He never saw the footage, he just heard about it and had a mental picture of what happened and I was suspended. Meanwhile, when you watch the footage, I really didn’t even do anything. Obviously, I deserved it but it’s not like I said: “This flag sucks” or blew my nose on it, or wiped my ass with it and threw it into the crowd. If you’re hearing about it, someone in the company is stooging it off to the internet which happens all the time. I’m sure there is some truth to what you’re hearing but its speculation. When there’s smoke there’s fire and I’m sure there is some truth to what you’re hearing but I really don’t even know either.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t know if Jerichos’ criticisms of the current booking will work against him when it comes to return. I hope it doesn’t. The WWE desperately needs some Y2J in the ring…and in the creative meetings.

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