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Chris Jericho Is Exactly What The WWE Needed

The wrestling world is still buzzing about the return of Chris Jericho. The former WWE champion returned on Monday Night RAW in a rare surprise moment. Jericho’s return couldn’t have come at a better time for WWE fans.

[adinserter block=”1″]Jericho has developed one of the most interesting working relationships with Vince McMahon that the Chairman of the Board has ever had. Jericho comes and goes for various time periods at a time, something unheard of years ago. I don’t believe that Vince acquiesced to Jericho because he is such a nice guy. Vince compromised because he needs Jericho and boy could the Genetic Jackhammer use him now.

Jericho is a unique character to the WWE which gives him the rare leverage for this type of schedule. Jericho is a guy established enough to be booked with headliners yet he can also be used to get the mid-card guys over. It’s funny because as important as winning and losing is, Jericho probably loses more than anyone in his position yet he is talented enough to withstand any tarnish that comes along with the stigma.

The WWE is hurting for top, credible, and established babyfaces right now. Sure they have Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose emerging, but John Cena is the only guy in that next tier. CM Punk is not coming back and Daniel Bryan’s future is a constant question. There is nobody credible to get the ascending talent ready for John Cena and the WWE title program. That was of course until Chris Jericho arrived.

Jericho has developed a reputation over the last several years as one of the least selfish guys on the roster. Jericho has done business with guys like Dolph Ziggler and Fandango, helping elevate them to the next level when nobody else could or would. You simply can’t get guys to that next level as effective as needed without someone like Jericho.

The emerging crop of heels had nobody to bridge the gap from bottom to Cena before Jericho. Cesaro, Rusev, Bray Wyatt, and Seth Rollins are three guys that desperately need someone like Jericho. Beyond the wins on paper that Jericho will give them, he will teach them more. There is nobody on the roster right now as seasoned as Jericho. Jericho can teach them intangibles here and there which are priceless on the upswing.

[adinserter block=”2″]It looks like Jericho’s first program will be with Bray Wyatt. Now with Wyatt I think the objective is a little different. Jericho doesn’t need to get Wyatt ready with a win as Wyatt is actually coming down from Cena. Jericho needs to keep him hot. It’s scary to think what would have been next for Wyatt without Jericho. More important than the win and the heat is the knowledge. The company has a lot invested in Wyatt. Working with Jericho throughout the summer will only increase that investment.

The WWE may not need to be saved right now but assistance is necessary. Y2J is the man for the job and it’s a good thing for all of us he’s back…for now.

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  1. I wish didn’t have to work so I could spend more time writing. LOL! You beat me to this one, I though Jericho coming back was genius. I think that it was just the right shot in the arm to carry the WWE through the summer, I look forward to the freshness of Jericho. It will go by way to fast…..


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