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Chris Jericho Continues Losing WWE RAW Viewers

Chris JerichoOne of the hot topics of the week across the pro wrestling blogosphere has been the RAW ratings from this past Monday’s show. While most are talking about Zack Ryder, a further look at the numbers does not look good for the return of Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho returned to RAW two weeks ago after a lengthy absence with a unique angle. Jericho is penciled in to be a heel, yet anyone with common sense expected he would get cheered. In a brilliant move (or so I thought), Jericho used that as part of his angle by coming out long enough to wear out his welcome after the live audience cheered wildly at seeing the former champion. The idea was by not giving the fans what they wanted (a promo), eventually they would turn against him.

[ad 6]Unfortunately they turned against him before he even had a chance as in tuned out. According to the RAW quarter hour breakdowns for his January 2 return, 82,000 viewers tuned out of Chris Jericho’s segment. While the buzz was certainly down for his return as opposed to his previous return, I don’t think anyone expected fans to tune out and they did.

But hey, that is fine because now RAW had a big week of promotion for Jericho’s second week back. This was the week where the WWE promoted that Jericho would talk. After the big non-promo appearance from the first week, fans were promised that Jericho would finally reveal his intentions. Why did he come back? What happened on Dancing with the Stars? What would one of the best promo men of our time period have to say and why did he steal Jeff Jarrett’s old ring jacket? These are all big teases which should have brought back some of those eyes and some new ones right? Wrong.

According to this week’s RAW numbers, Chris Jericho lost 130,000 viewers this past week. That is over 200,000 in two weeks. I have heard of “go-away heat” but this is just unheard of. I understand that there was a national championship game head to head but that shouldn’t cause 130,000 viewers to tune out should it?

This is really an alarming number to me, more so than the disastrous numbers that tuned out of the Zack Ryder segment. Let’s face it, there isn’t a lot of stock in Ryder right now. Yet for Jericho, this is a guy that likely signed a big contract to return. Additionally, this is also the man rumored to be in the WWE championship match at WrestleMania 28 against CM Punk. This is hardly the kind of momentum you want the first time you come back after disappearing for over a year.

What is happening? I really think there is a major shift going on here that could be real bad news for pro wrestling fans like you and me. This is a kid’s market and the kids don’t care or aren’t smart enough to follow the storylines that guys like Chris Jericho and CM Punk are doing. This was evident with Punk’s Money in the Bank angle, it’s evident with Zack Ryder’s ratings, and it is more evident here than ever.

At some point the WWE will realize this and unfortunately for you and I, start building their big stories to cater to the kids and younger fan base. I can’t say I blame them. I’d do the same thing if I were running a business. It just appears that the older or smarter fan is in the minority.

[adinserter block=”1″]Maybe Chris Jericho can turn it around. To the kids, they are just watching some guy they saw awhile back get beat or never saw at all come out and say nothing. With more development, maybe he turns into a character they can get behind.

Or maybe they will continue tuning out.

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  1. So, Chris Jericho hijacks Christian's feud with John Cena, inserts himself into their match at Vengeance 2005 and then puts the kibosh on plans for a feud with Carlito, that was to culminate at Summerslam 2005. Things could have been so much different if Christian got the chance to headline pay-per-views and shows with John Cena and if Chris Jericho gave Carlito the rub. We could have had a couple more bonafide main-eventers but we all know how that turned out.

    Months of good work from Christian went down the toilet, he got disillusioned and went to TNA. Carlito got a bad reputation and his heat fizzled out.

    So Chris Jericho stole Christian's feud and helped to turn the fans against John Cena and then took an extended break to go on reality tv shows and play with his crappy band. 3 years later, he gets the itch to come back and immediately buries (or at least try to) Randy Orton on the mic. Shawn Michaels single-handedly carries him to memorable matches (can't wait to read about Jericho patting himself on the back in his next book) and he goes on his merry way again.

    Fast forward another 3 years later and Jericho comes back and promptly is inserted into a main event title feud with CM Punk that will culminate at Wrestlemania, taking the "rightful" spot of a younger superstar in the process.

    Where do overrated, self mythifying pieces of crap like Jericho get the nerve calling out people like Nash, Hall and Goldberg for politicking?

    Pot Kettle Black?

    Christian v John Cena @ Summerslam 2005 would have been way better, and Christian would have stuck around unlike Chris Jericho.

  2. Well, let me put it this way, like you said, WWE is play to a younger audience. While CM Punk is a great talent, let's be honest here. How many of the youth audience know all that backstage stuff he was referring to? We are talking about kids maybe 12 and younger? I mean, most of us remember a lot of the stuff he and Kevin Nash were arguing about, but does a 10 year old Cena fan remember when Nash was "Vinnie Vegas?" LOL

    As for Jericho, well, it may sound too simple, but it may be the gimmick. I mean, fans like you and I "get it," but casual and the youth fans may not , and they get frustrated watching that. This may just be a guess, but I am guessing they are thinking (referring to the viewers tuning out) "OMG, that guy again? All he is going to do is come on out, smile and jump around and have the crowd cheer him and not say anything again. " *changes channel*

    Just a guess.

    Great job on the blog also.

  3. Having watched both promos, they are truly awful. But, it's the wrestling biz, and anyone expecting a hundred percent of the ideas to stick is out of their mind. The most troubling aspect of this whole thing is that Jericho is rumored to be in the fold to main event Mania, in which he is not the least bit deserving. If these silly promos are a sign of anything, it's that the wrestling universe has moved on, and is willing to see guys like Dolph, Cody, or ADR in that spot.

    Sure, it may sound like the crowd went insane, but wrestling crowds have to sit around waiting for stuff just to happen that pretty much anything will get them to pop these days. Add in that they are sometimes coached (at least in the Impact Zone), as well as the natural mob environment lending itself to cheering for whomever and you have essentially pulled the wool over our eyes.


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