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Chris Griffin to Guest Host WWE RAW Tonight

Chris GriffinTonight’s WWE RAW Guest Host will be actor Seth Green. Yep, the voice of Chris Griffin will be in charge of the biggest company in pro wrestling tonight on WWE RAW. “Oh my God! The government is here! Run E.T. run!”

The whole concept of the WWE Guest Host was to allow celebrities to come in for a night like Donald Trump and run the show. I understand the idea and the theory of celebrities=ratings. However, I can’t imagine that any one person is going to tune into WWE RAW specifically to see Seth Green other than Green’s parents.

It should be noted that Green was reportedly not the first choice to be the Guest Host. Former ECW champion and WWE announcer, Taz blogged about being offered the Guest Host slot tonight. Taz said in his blog that he turned down the gig. Now Taz is someone I can see fans specifically tuning into WWE RAW to see.

Here is where WWE dropped a ball. I love the Family Guy tie-in on RAW. My idea would be to have Peter Griffin the character play Guest Host. Animate him into the show and make him Guest Host for a week. It would be one of the dumbest moments in wrestling history, yet at the same time one of the most entertaining.

I think the Guest Host idea is great to bring in wrestling stars for a week. As much as Goldberg hates the WWE, is it impossible to make a one-week deal? Hell, I’d even make a run at Brock Lesnar for a week. It would be hard for some of these guys to turn down an easy payday and great television exposure even with lingering bad feelings.

If you are wondering how in the heck Seth Green wound up here, you aren’t alone. WWE star Triple H will be appearing on Green’s Robot Chicken show in the near future. This is where the relationship was formed. Green is also a big wrestling fan as evident by past Robot Chicken’s which featured Roddy Piper. I am sure Green will have a blast tonight.

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