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Chicago Cubs Owners and Ken Griffin Teamed Up To Acquire Chelsea

According to reports, Ken Griffin, the American businessman, has teamed up with the proprietors of the Chicago Cubs in a bombshell attempt to acquire Chelsea. According to Sky News, the Ricketts brothers plus Griffin have formed an investing partnership and want to make a formal bid for the club on Friday.

There will be a deadline for offers established by Raine Group, the American commercial bank conducting the club sale. This Friday, a consortium led by Chicago Cubs shareholders, the Ricketts Family, will submit an official proposal for Chelsea Football Club, according to a representative for the consortium, who talked to Sky.

When it comes to finances in the club, the Ricketts Group and their allies know that it’s important to keep the organization’s values in mind while ensuring that the supporters, city, and the squad itself are well-served.

‘We look forward to sharing further details of our plans in due course.’

Griffin is the President and Owner of Citadel, American wealth management, and financial services firm. His net worth was reportedly assessed by Forbes at $26.5 billion ($20 billion), making him the 45th richest American as well as the richest person publicly engaged in purchasing Chelsea from Roman Abramovich in order to solve the club’s issue.

TD Ameritrade, the internet trading business founded by the Ricketts family, is the source of their wealth. This was followed by the $1.7 billion acquisition of the TD Waterhouse, currently known as the Charles Schwab Company, which was rebranded by TD Ameritrade.

In 2008, Joe Ricketts resigned as chairman and chief executive, although he and his family retain a 12.5% stake in the firm, with Todd Ricketts serving on the deck. In 2014, Peter, his eldest son, was chosen as the state’s governor. Since 2009, Tom plus his three siblings, Laura, Peter, and Todd, have joint possession of the Cubs with their father via a trust fund.

The Ricketts are also said to have shown curiosity in Chelsea prior to this, having already made a purchase approach for the club a few years back.  Since then, the family has been connected to a takeover of AC Milan.

Major League Baseball has been kind to them over the previous six years, and in 2016 they guided the Cubs to their third World Series title. Wrigley Field, the group’s home ground since 1914, has also undergone a $1 billion renovation.

Furthermore, according to Forbes, the Ricketts family holds a 25 percent market share in the Chicago-based cable channel CSN Chicago. But now that they’ve teamed up with Griffin, they’re likely to pose a real threat to their rivals. A $2 billion proposal has allegedly been made for the New York Jets by its proprietor, Woody Johnson.

Furthermore, Chelsea has indeed been granted permission to complete the return game of their Champions League last-16 game with Lille, notwithstanding Abramovich’s inclusion on the European Union’s sanctions “black list.” The EU sanctioned Chelsea’s Russian investor because of his ties to Vladimir Putin, raising concerns in France that the Champions League match will be postponed.



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