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Cheick Kongo Vs. Matt Mitrione On Tap For UFC 137

The UFC is continuing to beef up UFC 137: St-Pierre vs. Diaz with a second heavyweight fight. Cheick Kongo and Matt Mitrione will attempt to follow up their stunning knockout wins at UFC on Versus 4 against one another in Sin City.

On paper, this looks like a really exciting heavyweight collision. You have two heavyweights here, coming off impressive knockout wins, ironically on the same event. Additionally, you have the classic battle of veteran vs. up-and-comer which gives fans an obvious storyline that we can all sink our teeth into.

[adinserter block=”1″]I love MMA and have been a big UFC fan since the first event. I have my favorites but there aren’t a whole lot of fighters that I dislike. That said, I can’t stand Matt Mitrione. I hear the guy talk and I just want to throw something at my television. He has a really big mouth for a guy that has not been tested in his short career. I don’t mind the talking, but the arrogance without record is just off the charts.

I’ll be frank here and tell you that this probably has a lot to do with his performance on The Ultimate Fighter Season 10. It is really hard to put those memories of seeing Mitrione complaining of getting his “brain rattled” to rest, even if it is two years old. The guy just came off as such an idiot that it really becomes hard to take him seriously as a legitimate heavyweight threat in the UFC division.

On the flip side, I have always liked Cheick Kongo. Kongo is not known for his grappling, although I hardly see him having an issue on the ground with Mitrione. Kongo has made his name in MMA with his hands and feet. We all saw that on UFC on Versus 4 with his highlight knockout win over Pat Barry. Kongo has always been a guy close to moving inside the top of the heavyweight mix, yet always winds up choking when offered an opportunity to do so.

[adinserter block=”1″]This fight has a ton of potential here. Both of these guys are standup fighters. I can’t imagine either one of these guys trying to take this fight to the ground. Quite frankly, I’d be shocked if this fight lasted more than a round. Both fighters have big hands and will engage as soon as the bell rings. I am not a betting man but if there was a safe bet for UFC 137, it is that someone is seeing lights in the Kongo vs. Mitrione fight.

I’ll go with an early prediction here and pick Kongo. Kongo struggles against elite fighters but does really well with guys on Mitrione’s level. I think Kongo is too experienced to get caught and will probably catch a tired Mitrione with his hands down. Kongo can get punched by a faster fighter but Mitrione is not that guy. I think Mitrione is just way too cocky for his own good and takes Kongo lightly at UFC 137.

There is no word yet on whether this would be a pay per view or preliminary fight. Right now you are looking at a pay per view card with GSP vs. Diaz and a rumored BJ Penn vs. Carlos Condit fight. Roy Nelson vs. Mirko Cro Cop is booked but that could fall into either slot, along with a featherweight fight between George Roop vs. Hatsu Hioki.

I say this one winds up pay per view, especially following their highlight performances on the last live Versus event.

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  1. I referred to Barry as serviceable not Kongo. Kongo is the more experienced fighter so a win over him definitely means something even though he is getting older. Anyone with the size and athleticism of Mitrione should be taken seriously.

  2. Mitrione not a legitimate heavyweight threat? Wow. I guess we'll see but Kongo looked slow and old and landed a hail mary against a serviceable fighter at best in Barry. It was more lucky than it was impressive. Mitrione wins this one and proves he's a contender. If I was a betting man…

    • Wait you think Mitrione IS a threat at heavyweight? Who has he beat? If your analysis of Kongo is true, than a win over Kongo means nothing as well. Not saying you are wrong about Kongo, but just saying if he is just "serviceable" than a win still doesn't make him a legit contender.

      If I was a betting man I may take Mitrione as well lol


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