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Charmed Won’t Deliver a Fifth Season: Show Officially Canceled by CW

Looks like CW is at it again! The production network that announced the shocking cancellation of a few of its TV shows (total 6 long running series) on May 12th is hammering one more on the list. It’s a sad update for those waiting for “Charmed” season 4 as the supernatural series “Charmed” is going to get canceled by the network CW.  With the CW’s latest rumors of a sale, it is not surprising to see many cancellations this past season. With such an uncertain future, it is most likely that the network wanted to clean the house and start fresh. Here’s everything you should know.

“Charmed” Officially canceled after Season 4

Seems like this month, CW has been bringing a lot of us the sad news of cancellations coming in almost every day. The TV drama series that gave 4 brilliant seasons will unfortunately not be returning for another one. The network has confirmed the cancelation of the show after the series finale of season 4 that aired on May 16th. The CW rebooted one of the popular series Charmed,’ which ran for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006. The show debuted in 2018 featuring a modern take on supernatural characters to celebrate a new audience. A reboot of the series that aired in 1998, the show begins as three sisters discover they are witches. They soon realize that it is up to them to protect humanity from evil demons by harnessing “The Power of Three.” Throughout the series, Charmed does a good job of taking on modern issues in the first three seasons, but occasionally they threw demons to resemble the original show. The series deliberately features a few LGBTQ+ characters and has feminist storylines, especially Mel who identifies as gay and has been in a few relationships so far. The network CW has opted to debar the series because fans are still waiting for a justified ending from the last episode where things are left undone.

Why did CW cancel “Charmed” Season 5?

CW network is renowned for its long-running shows which have been successful largely because of the high ratings. However, one of the reasons why Charmed couldn’t meet CW’s expectations was due to low ratings/reviews.  Considering the latest season’s collection, the show was averaging total weekly viewers reaching 650,000 with a 0.1 demo rating.  Other reasons included the show’s internal understanding and collaboration. The show went through several changes during its run. Before season 4, Lieber and Nicki Renna replaced the original showrunners. They filled in the place of Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro who had been the series’ producers since the beginning of season 2 following Carter Covington’s departure.

Fans requesting “Netflix” to save the show

Many of the show’s cancellations were surprising, given that many come from its deal with Netflix US. After it was canceled it attracted a lot of attention and talent campaigners have been appealing to other networks on Twitter to save the show. One fan shows their support by setting up a petition on Change.Org to save the show, which goes under the appropriately-named handle “SaveCharmed.” While Charmed seems to be gone forever, let’s hope Netflix barges in to save the “Power of Three”.
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