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Charlotte & Ric Flair – the Old School WWE Dynamic Duo

I think this is my first ever article on WWE Divas. I liked the emergence of the Divas via the revolution that evolved last year. It was a breath of fresh air with a plethora of new faces that the crowd that came from NXT. A particular diva gradually got my attention ever since she won the Divas title back in September 2015. This diva along with her father has become a dominant force in the Divas division. I’m referring to Charlotte and her father, the Nature Boy Ric Flair. What I love about this duo is that it reminds me of the 1980’s era where a wrestler had a manager who would meddle in matches. What’s refreshing about this dynamic is that it’s in the female division of professional wrestling.

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The chemistry between Charlotte and Flair is reminiscent of the days of Ric Flair or Tully Blanchard with their manager J.J. Dillion. I’ve always said Flair would make a great manager. He’s proven it being by Charlotte’s side. As for Charlotte, who else could teach her how to be a heel; the dirtiest player in the game? Charlotte has the size, physically and the stature in her appearance carrying the strap over her shoulder with cockiness and confidence.

She’s young and I would not be surprised if she becomes this generations’ Fabulous Moolah holding onto the Divas title multiple times and for long periods of time. The longer she holds onto the title the more legitimate the Divas division has become bringing more attention to the title picture. I hope it does become legitimate because there are talented ladies that not only have the looks but also the toughness and wrestling that could garner interest from wrestling fans.

Charlotte has played the heel brilliantly. At this year’s Royal Rumble I thought Becky Lynch would win the title. The flashbacks of Lynch’s path to the WWE had it in my mind that she would win the match. I was wrong as Charlotte retained the title thanks to Flair’s interference a la J.J. Dillion interfering in Flair or Blanchard matches. To this day, Flair tossing his blazer over Lynch’s head was one of the best manager distractions in recent history. Who knows what Flair will do, if anything, at Wrestlemania.

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Charlotte’s in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania against Sasha Brown and Becky Lynch. My early instincts tell me Charlotte will lose the title but she will not be pinned. Charlotte will claim she never lost the title because she was not pinned. If she does lose the match I see Charlotte regaining the Divas Title sooner rather than later. It would generate more heat on Charlotte while making the Divas division more interesting with contenders lining up.

Usually, the Diva matches garner little attention. They’re considered eye candy matches or used for bathroom breaks. But over time, the Diva matches have lasted longer with actual wrestling moves. Having Charlotte as champion has made the Divas division and Divas champion more legitimacy. Ric Flair as Charlotte’s manager only helps it by garnering more attention while bringing back an old art form of the interfering manager at ringside.

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