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Charlotte Must Cut Ties With Ric Flair to be a WWE Success

At some point, Ric Flair is going to have to cut the umbilical cord and let Charlotte survive in WWE on her own.

After watching Hell in a Cell Sunday night, it has become evident Charlotte’s dispatching of Nikki Bella is a message the fans the company is finally moving in another direction and the daughter of the 16-time world champion will be the centerpiece of the new path.

[adinserter block=”1″]Maybe there is some irony in the fact Bella did not win back the Divas Title on a night where Alberto Del Rio made quick work of her man John Cena, who asked for and was granted time off from the company until the end of December. Don’t read between the lines on that one – well, yes read between them and develop your own conclusions. About a month ago, I was writing how Cena was in the middle of booking for his girlfriend and how boobs and sex appeal were more important than actual wrestling, which was still the idea behind World Wrestling Entertainment.

I’m not sure if last night was a win for women’s wrestling or just another reason to see Ric Flair on screen with his daughter, which is hard for me to say, but it’s getting old fast.

If Charlotte is going to be the dominant female in a division will some of the best talent to ever land on a WWE roster, daddy must step aside and let his daughter do her thing. That in itself is odd to type as well because usually it’s the fathers who are giving way to their sons who outperform them in the ring.

No worries, however. It wouldn’t matter if it were David, Charlotte or the late Reid Flair because replacing their dad is damn near next to impossible.

WWE missed the boat on this entirely, making Charlotte the immediate leader of the pack, forcing the Bella’s to do the honors for the new group of NXT upstarts and for not forming a badass clique of four women in the mold of the Four Horsemen. Having Charlotte raise four fingers in celebration Sunday night meant nothing because it’s contrived and there is no backing to it. WWE did not create the Horsemen. The NWA did, which makes the attempt fall on deaf ears and eyes in my estimation.

But if Charlotte is going to be anything other than a blip on the radar and a faded memory of what could have been, then Daddy Flair must step aside and let his daughter sink or swim. Something tells me she will do just fine on her own, the Divas on the roster like Becky Lynch, Paige, Naomi and Sasha Banks will all finally get their shot at the brass ring and Bayley will eventually become a welcomed addition to the rank and file once she leaves NXT.

[adinserter block=”2″]It’s kind of a shame it took a couple of months, bad booking, complaining by Paige and a poorly executed “Revolution” to get to where the divas are today. Kind of makes you want to shed a tear – NOT!

Flair made a living of knowing when to let his alliances with the Horsemen help him retain his title. He also knew when to stand alone and fight as the baddest ass in the promotion. It cannot be taught, it cannot be earned. It must be learned. Flair was a master at the science of the business. I suspect he will help coach Charlotte to greatness, which is expected.

That coaching, however, can be done in training and down time – not on screen for the world to see. Flair’s on-screen appearances – although get a rise from the crowds, do little to make his little girl more of a success. It may eventually hurt her, which is something WWE can ill-afford right now.

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