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Charlotte Flair, Rusev and Other WWE Thoughts

WWE did what it had to do on Tuesday night, putting the SmackDown Women’s Title on Carmella, allowing her to cash in her Money in the Bank contract and ending the reign of Charlotte Flair, the company’s top female performer.

Having Carmella interfere in the title match between Flair and Asuka would have been criminal. It would have been even worse if the creative team had her beat Asuka in the middle of the ring in New Orleans. WWE solved two issues on Tuesday night. First, the company can move forward with its next Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match and created space for Asuka to pibly take the title from the current champion in the coming weeks.

Would the Greatest Royal Rumble event at the end of the month be the pay-per-view where the Empress of Tomorrow grabs WWE gold?

WWE’s women’s roster is by far the best it has ever been in terms of talent. For years, watching women wrestle on Monday or Tuesday night was a reason to turn the channel. Now, these women close out shows on a weekly basis. Given WWE has put both the Raw Women’s Title (Nia Jax) and SmackDown Women’s Title on new champions, the door is open for other rising stars to climb the ladder of success.

Is Rusev Day A Thing of the Past?

The growing sentiment amongst the mat media is that Rusev’s days WWE are numbered. The Bulgarian Brute took anything to do with WWE off his Twitter account and was recently pulled from a match to face The Undertaker at The Biggest Royal Rumble.

Rusev will be replaced by Chris Jericho, which is fine except for the fact the former United States Champion is now a performer without a role in the company.

Rusev and his wife Lana were interviewed by TMZ about the upcoming match. The pair did their part to throw barbs at the Dead Man and his wife, Michelle McCool. Hours after the interview, the company pulled Rusev from the match.

I think releasing Rusev would be a huge mistake, given his “Rusev Day” gimmick has been one of the more popular segments of Tuesday night programming. While he is still booked as a heel, he receives pops from the crowd like he is a babyface.

Perfect Spot For Paige

I’m not going to lie. Seeing Paige retire got me all in my feels. But seeing her named SmackDown Live General Manager the very next night was some kind of wonderful. The former Divas Champion announced her retirement, citing injuries that have taken her career away from her. She also said seeing Daniel Bryan in the ring once again gave her hope.

Now, the British beauty moves on from in-ring performer to deciding who gets in a WWE ring. The transition should be smooth for Paige, someone who has grown up in this business and whose fearless attitude has caused a controversy or two in her four years under the WWE banner.

Now, instead of being the instigator in many of her programs, Paige will take on the role of matchmaker and peacemaker. Her personality will be perfect for this role in the company after walking away from the ring.

Ronda Rousey Added To Overseas Tour

The recent success of Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 34 has pleased WWE officials so much, that the former UFC champion has been added to the company’s upcoming European Tour.

“WWE announced on Friday that the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion will be working four consecutive dates on the tour from May 16-19. She will begin by working an event in Geneva, Switzerland, before moving onto Vienna, Austria; Turin, Italy; and finishing up in Paris, France,” writes Jack Jorgensen of CBS Sports. “Shortly after the official announcement, Rousey was excited to let all her fans know that she’ll be joining the tour as she continues on her WWE journey.”

It is not known yet who Rousey will face on the tour.

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