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Charlotte and the Sinking Ship of Women’s Wrestling in WWE

Charlotte’s win at WWE Night of Champions was supposed to be the start of something new. It was to be the apex of the Divas revolution, a movement that was meant to take women’s wrestling to new heights. The daughter of the Nature Boy had finally made it to the top and it was all smooth sailing from there.

[adinserter block=”1″]But then Paige cut a promo on Monday Night Raw and the ship suddenly began to sink once again. Now all the hope fans had for the Divas division is on life support as Paige has turned heel with no solid reasoning behind it. Will this never end?

The world has gone mad. It’s the only explanation here, the only thing that makes any sense. What in the world would make WWE creative believe that running this angle the very night after Charlotte’s win was a good idea? It’s not that Paige turned on her, a lot of fans believed that was coming eventually; it’s the way she turned on her.

By telling Charlotte that Nikki Bella would soon get the title back, Paige completely discredited the win at Night of Champions. To turn heel because she wants the first shot at Charlotte is one thing but to immediately side with her enemy the very night after that enemy is defeated by the faction she assembled?

It seems her hypocrisy knows no bounds. The nonsense continued as Paige reminded everyone exactly why Nikki and Brie have the spotlight they enjoy in the first place, as a babyface would. But she also attacked Charlotte’s celebration with her father in the ring as a heel would do. However, she criticized Team BAD and sounded like a babyface in the process.

CM Punk was once handed the mic and told “go air your grievances.” Apparently Paige was handed the mic and told “go screw everything up.” The sad truth here is that for all her positives, for all her strengths, Paige is just part of the problem.

The biggest issue with the Divas is that no one knows what to make of them. How do you support a worker when you don’t know what that worker stands for? How do you cheer a talent when that same talent hated on the crowd the week before?

Nikki turns on Brie but the day after, they’re both still using the same Twitter account as if nothing happened. One day they’re heel, the next they’re face. Natalya is supposed to be the wise veteran of the division, the one that everyone respects and admires yet she’s never on TV and she ran heel when Tyson Kidd ran heel. Now fans are supposed to love her again.

Paige was supposed to be different. She was supposed to be special. Paige doesn’t look like the typical Diva, she doesn’t sound like the typical Diva. She also doesn’t work like the typical Diva; she obviously takes a lot of pride in her craft and wants to do well in the ring. Five minute matches are not for her, she wants more.

But she’s on Total Divas, though she was initially known as the anti-Diva. She was smarmy on Tough Enough, as if she was doing everyone a favor by simply being there though she was not heel. She was in the middle of the Divas revolution but was out of character on Stone Cold’s podcast right after Raw. Paige is part of the machine and now there’s very little way to distinguish her from the other girls around her.

Here’s the funny part; this is on WWE, not the women. Yes, the girls could speak up and be heard at any given time. Just because your name is not John Cena does not mean you can’t voice your opinion. Yes, the girls are choosing to be on Total Divas and have their private lives on display for the whole world to see.

But the blame for all the ridiculous angles and bizarre twists falls directly on WWE creative. Fans can’t possibly care about the Divas because they’ve been conditioned not to care. The Women’s Championship meant something because Trish and Lita meant something. Winning matches was important, being the best was important. Fans bought in because they had every reason to. Now there’s no reason to at all.

To further prove the point, one need only watch and listen to the response fans gave when Paige cut her promo against Charlotte. They didn’t boo. They didn’t jeer. They didn’t spit in Paige’s direction or shake their heads in disgust as the look of shock covered Charlotte’s face. None of this happened at all. Instead, fans cheered.

[adinserter block=”2″]Paige babied out and heeled out Charlotte, all at the same time. Suddenly, Charlotte’s inspiring win at NOC was forgotten and the only thing that mattered was Paige speaking her mind and losing her temper when there seemed to be no good reason to. Why?

Because at this point, why not? Fans expect nonsense from the Divas and WWE is delivering as always. The Divas revolution was not about transforming Raw and SmackDown to resemble NXT. It was about getting Charlotte to the top so she can be transformed to what the company wants her to be. Expect the partnership between her and Becky Lynch to fade away as Paige turns heel. Or maybe she doesn’t. Who knows?

Meanwhile, Sasha Banks is nothing more than a background character in all this. The world has indeed gone mad.

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