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Charlotte and Sasha Banks Add to Their WWE Legacies on Monday Night Raw

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Some fans filtered out of the Spectrum Center before the main event of November 28’s WWE Monday Night Raw. It’s not unheard of; traffic is usually very chaotic after an event, and getting a head start on the crowds isn’t a bad idea. But in this case, those fans missed out.

That’s because they chose to miss the main event match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. The two longtime rivals once again came together to do what they do best; make magic in the ring. Just when it seems as though they can’t impress anymore than they already have, Charlotte and Sasha bring it like never before.

The best never run out of gas, and the same is true here. Fans could have walked away from this rivalry long ago, especially after The Boss went down at Hell in a Cell. After all, what good is a feud if it’s completely one sided? Where is the drama in constantly seeing one side completely dominate the other? But fans had faith in both Sasha and Charlotte.

The two women had proven time and again just how good they are together, and how much they deserved the spotlight. This was never a situation in which Superstars were handed opportunities in order to get a storyline over. This was the best possible example of two hardworking talents earning their spots despite the odds being against them.

WWE has never been the wisest company in the business when it comes to promoting women’s wrestling. In the midst of booking women in one ridiculously degrading match after another, WWE stumbled into Trish versus Lita. This was the first time two women had dominated headlines to any real degree for any reason, and WWE surprisingly ran with it.

But despite how good those two were, the company still managed to conspicuously insert one bit of sexual innuendo after another. From Lita’s eternal thong to Trish’s revealing photo shoots, WWE insisted on creating risqué undertones to the entire rivalry. History remembers their feud as groundbreaking, but it was always one wardrobe malfunction away from becoming a joke.

The women’s division has come a long way since then. Now the women are booked as wrestlers instead of sex objects. The sexiest thing about them is the booty shorts, and that fact is not pointed out by anyone on commentary, or by the men, or anyone else. Now the most important aspect of the women is what they do in the ring, and how far they’re willing to go to win the match.

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That point was driven home on November 28. Sasha and Charlotte are the best two ambassadors for women’s wrestling in WWE, or any other wrestling promotion, and that was once again made clear in their match on Raw. It was no disqualification, no count-outs, falls count anywhere, with the Raw Women’s Championship hanging in the balance.

When the stakes are that high, the action must be elevated. Male Superstars are very aware of this, and matches of this nature are a common occurrence for them. But for the women, it’s so much more important to get it right because those situations just don’t come that often. Every time Charlotte and Sasha have had opportunities like this one, they have capitalized on them.

Trish and Lita were the last two women to main event Raw. Charlotte and Sasha have now done it twice. They’ve also worked the main event of a pay-per-view, which two women had never done, and they’ve also worked Hell in a Cell. With each match comes another chance to not only show off, but show up. How many of their male counterparts can honestly say they’ve never taken the night off, and just went through the motions in a match?

Sasha and Charlotte have no time to waste; time is precious for them because they’re working to build their legacies and strengthen women’s wrestling in WWE. Any misstep for them is a step back for their cause, and that simply cannot happen. The pressure to get it right the first time is immense, but its welcome pressure and they’re both rising to the occasion.

Fans stood on their feet for the majority of the match on Raw. No one could take their eyes off the action, and no one could believe how much more Sasha and Charlotte had to offer. Even at the point in which it seemed there was nothing left for them to give, they pushed through and kept going. The match was more than anyone could have expected, and they expected quite a bit. Women’s wrestling hit yet another peak, and it was obvious that magic had happened once again.

When Sasha won the title, Charlotte cried. She’s done that nearly every time Sasha beat her, and fans have never seen it as anything but true emotion. It’s not a gimmick, and it’s not a work. Charlotte feels this down to her soul, and the same is true of Sasha. They know how important their work is, just as they know how important the championship is.

The Raw Women’s Championship is the most over title on Raw. It may be the most over title in WWE. That’s due not only to the incredible matches that have been fought for it, but also because the women involved just want it so very badly. It’s a real championship, a real trophy that is really desired. The WWE Universal Championship can’t measure up to it.

This is the women’s time to shine, and they’re doing exactly that. Fans should never count them out, because they’ll never stop proving them wrong. To tune out is to miss out.

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