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Charlie Sheen calls into the Howard Stern – Audio

Charlie Sheen called into the Howard Stern Show todayAnyone who thinks Howard Stern is irrelevant hasn’t paid attention. Stern has made 2011 his year and has become a daily part of pop culture since signing a new Sirius deal. Stern is back in the news today after conducting an epic 45 minute interview with Charlie Sheen.

Howard has made headlines lately for a variety of interviews including revelations from David Arquette and Kelsey Grammer’s ex wife Camille. Stern continued his string of news breaking interviews today with exiled Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen. Stern got Sheen to open up about everything from his infamous sex life, his feud with Chuck Lorre, his relationship with CBS, and much more. The interview was a gem and the best conducted so far with Charlie Sheen who has appeared on television more in the last 24 hours than the Oxy Clean guy.

[adinserter block=”2″]Howard Stern and Charlie bonded over their relationship or lack thereof with CBS head honcho Les Moonves. Stern compared his struggles with Moonves to Charlie’s current situation with CBS. Sheen called Moonves a liar claiming that Les lied to his face about paying the crew of Two and a Half Men. Stern was the target of an unfounded lawsuit by CBS years ago, spearheaded by Moonves so I am sure the words “liar” was music to the King of all Media’s ears.

Stern brought up Sheen’s relationship with the other half of Two and A Half Men, co-star Jon Cryer. After Stern got his name wrong and called him “Jon Hamm,” Stern asked whether Cryer is upset with Charlie over the end of the show. Sheen said that Cryer is now starting to see things differently and thinks that Cryer is behind him 100%.

Stern brought up Sheen’s infamous sex life and asked Charlie why he has to pay women to sleep with him. Stern said that Charlie is rich and famous and didn’t understand why he would pay women. Charlie didn’t want to go there but did offer to call in for another interview in which he promised to talk all about his sex life. Charlie even offered to do the interview tomorrow and told Stern, “promote it now.”

Howard also brought up a story a girl told him about Charlie watching porn with her and critiquing the movie. Howard asked Charlie if he would come in studio and do that with him. Charlie said he’d like to get the show back on the air first but once that happens he’d be happy to do it. That would certainly be an epic Stern show to say the least.

Charlie eventually opened up about details of his current relationship with the goddesses, former adult film star Bree Olsen and his other girlfriend Natty. Charlie revealed that the girls sleep in separate beds and he chooses between the two of them as to which one he wants and he then sleeps in that bed with the girl of choice. Stern responded, “You live like a king my friend,” to which Sheen responded, “Why the hell shouldn’t I?” Howard asked Charlie if the girls were like his wives and he said yes.

Stern asked Charlie if he has lost a lot of money in the divorces. Sheen said yes but he doesn’t panic because something else “always falls out of the sky.” He also said he’s never been in “Nick Cage Ville.”

My favorite Charlie Sheen quote of the interview was when he was asked about the sexual situation with his two live in girlfriends. Howard asked if they all get it on at the same time. Charlie said, “I’m not that kinky. I’m pretty traditional.”

[adinserter block=”1″]Sheen explained earlier in the interview that the reason for his onslaught of interviews is to clear his reputation. Honestly, I agree that Charlie was wronged here. What people aren’t mentioning here is that Chuck Lorre ran cryptic messages insulting Charlie in the credits at the end of recent Two and A Half Men episodes. Charlie responds and Lorre shuts the show down? So it wasn’t a problem when Sheen was locking hookers in bathrooms and trashing hotel rooms in alleged drug rages but responding to a show executive who attacked Charlie first is grounds to shut the show down? It really sounds petty and the irony here is that I don’t think anyone would have had a problem if the show was shut down after one of Charlie’s legal incidents. This just seems a bit ridiculous.

When asked about whether he thinks he can get the show back Charlie said, “Absolutely! Defeat is not an option.” He also said he needs some questions answered in regards to bringing the show back.

Sheen mentioned during the interview with Stern that he has been flooded with movie offers but can’t commit until he knows his television scheduled. It appears that Sheen is fully expecting to return to work at some point. As a Two and A Half Men fan, I hope he’s back for two more seasons. The show is great and he is fantastic in his role. Until Charlie commits to one of these movies I will continue to hold out hope. Until then, here is hoping someone with a brain steps in here and irons this thing out in time for the fall.

Howard announced a Charlie Sheen Beauty Pageant on Thursday with the girls that Charlie used to pay to have sex with. Charlie wasn’t amused and said he felt burned by the girls. He said “Shame on you…” to the girls.

The interview ended with Howard offering to get Chuck Lorre on the show tomorrow with Charlie Sheen and have the two of them hammer it out on the air. Charlie loved the idea and promised to call in tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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