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Charges Dropped Against TNA Champion Kurt Angle – Oh It’s True!

Kurt Angle TNA wrestling champion and former Olympic gold medalist was right. Kurt Angle has been cleared of almost all charges from last month’s arrest. It turns out that Kurt Angle isn’t a drug abusing, unlicensed, stalker after all. The former WWE star dodis now 2-0 in clearing himself of arrest charges.

Fans were outraged last month with TNA Wrestling’s response to Kurt Angle’s arrest. Angle not only wrestled 48-hours later, but retained the TNA world championship. Fans were upset and upset that TNA would continue to promote Angle after the news of his arrest broke. In the end, it looks like doing nothing was the right thing after all.

[adinserter block=”1″]I wrote at length about this immediately after his arrest. I agreed with TNA Wrestling’s response to the incident. I wrote about my own dealings with a TNA employee after Angle was arrested in 2007. In 2007 I wrote that TNA needed to immediately discipline Angle after his arrest. Angle protested his innocence and a TNA office employee emailed me defending TNA and told me that Angle would be proven innocent. He was right and I was wrong for demanding immediate discipline.

Angle is still facing simple assault charges. However, the most significant charges were dropped. Angle is scheduled to become a free agent in a few months if he doesn’t sign a new TNA wrestling deal. It had been rumored that WWE was in the hunt until this past arrest. I have to openly speculate whether this will open up a WWE return for Angle. At the same time, WWE may want to stay clear of him. Jeff Hardy’s arrest may dictate that the WWE passes on Angle and any bad publicity.

This also reinforces the actions or non-actions of wrestling companies when their wrestlers get in trouble. What if TNA Wrestling had fired Kurt or suspended him without pay? I would imagine that Kurt Angle or any other wrestler would have a serious legal case if and when they are found to be innocent of their arrested charges. So the next time someone gets arrested for stalking, driving without a license, and carrying drugs without a perscription, let’s think twice before we demand to have their head on a pole. In the end, we do owe them right to defend and clear themselves.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is an interesting dilemma bloggers and reporters find themselves in when it came to Angle or Jeff Hardy. The wrestlers and their friends always proclaim that they will be cleared. Some get downright hostile with the media. However, I see no problem reporting the news as long as the report cites all of the facts. Equally, I think we all owe those wrestlers the same coverage when they are cleared of all charges. So there you go Kurt. It looks like you weren’t such a drug ridden stalker after all?

Kurt Angle video following the verdict

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