5 Potential Challengers For John Cena At WWE Extreme Rules 2013


John Cena won the WWE championship at WrestleMania 29 and that means new challengers are gearing up for the champ. Who is ready, who will draw best with Cena, and who logically deserves a shot at Extreme Rules 2013? Here are five RAW superstars that I think could be in play for that spot.

[adinserter block=”1″]John Cena is a new WWE champion but he isn’t really new. Cena hasn’t had the title for awhile but not a lot has changed since his last reign. Cena will now be put in the position of having to draw as WWE champion without any real credible challengers that make any sense. WWE Creative has a tall order to fill when it comes to championship challengers for Extreme Rules 2013.

It says something about the WWE and its booking when Cena hasn’t been champion since the summer of 2011 yet there are no real appealing fresh matchups on the horizon. Quite frankly it is unacceptable when you look at the totality of that statement. Yet not all is lost as here are five guys that make sense in the meantime, while the company gets the big guns ready for SummerSlam.

CM Punk – Logically CM Punk makes zero sense to challenge Cena. He has gone 0-3 on pay per views and just recently lost a big RAW match to Cena with a title shot on the line. At the same time of everyone, Punk is the safest opponent for Cena. These two could easily make sense of an illogical situation and I don’t think anyone would have a problem with seeing Punk in another main-event. The problem is that this one is overkill and it never drew that well in the first place. The downside here is do you really want Punk going 0-5 in big matches? Punk is also reportedly off of Extreme Rules but that could always change. Yet of everyone available Punk is the safest while the company grooms someone else for the big spot in the summer.

Antonio Cesaro – Call me crazy but I have a strong feeling that Cesaro is up for this spot. Being off WrestleMania isn’t always a bad thing. If the end result is Cesaro losing on Mania, he was better off staying home. Quite honestly being off of Mania could actually play into this storyline. You want someone new, someone fresh, and a unique matchup for Cena, it doesn’t get much better to me than Antonio Cesaro.

Mark Henry – Henry and Cena haven’t had a feud in awhile and of every heel on WrestleMania 29, Henry came out of it with a boost. He beat Ryback who was at one time the top contender for the title. Other than Ryback turning heel, the only other reason to put Henry over would be to get him ready for Cena. It’s a somewhat new match, although they have wrestled dozens of times. I could easily see them doing some angles with Henry laying Cena out, Cena acting scared, and creating some buzz around a potential Extreme Rules match. It isn’t the best answer but of everyone available I think he makes the most sense.

Fandango –
Do I think the kid is ready? He isn’t ready but he did get a win over a former champion at WrestleMania, and JBL played it off like it was the biggest upset of all time. Vince McMahon reportedly loves Fandango and his character so it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him get the spot. WWE Creative love to shake things up post-WrestleMania and while I have no interest in seeing the match, a Cena vs. Fandango program would be one of the fresher choices they could go with.

[adinserter block=”2″]Batista – Batista? What am I talking about? There were several reports recently that the WWE are interested in bringing back Big Dave. Could they do the same thing they did last year and shoot him immediately into an angle with Cena like they did with Brock Lesnar after WrestleMania 28? Logically, it would make sense to have these two pick up right where they left off a few years back. I think the odds of this are very slim but I thought I’d throw it out there since his name has been mentioned quite a bit in the rumor mill lately.

Update: Looks like Ryback will get the shot.

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  1. I'm going to this show, until Mania 29 happened I was looking forward to it. Now, I'd rather get a colonoscopy. The only saving grace..to quote a great man.. is that I did not buy the ticket.

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