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Update: Chael Sonnen’s Coach Planned To Appeal UFC 148 Loss To Anderson Silva

The Chael Sonnen charade will continue, at least outside of the octagon according to a new report. Sonnen’s head trainer reportedly has started to file an appeal of the loss to Silva on the basis of an intended illegal knee to the head.

[adinserter block=”2″]The report comes from respected MMA journalist Jonathon Snowden today on According to Snowden, Sonnen’s trainer has taken it upon themselves to file an appeal on Chael’s behalf. The appeal focuses on the knee Silva threw while Sonnen was on the ground or should I say the “intent” of the knee.

We started the process of filing a complaint with the Nevada Athletic Commission. We believe the knee that Anderson Silva threw was illegal with the clear intent to strike the face. And it did in fact connect with the face. Chael bit his tongue and needed eight stitches.

Chael’s head trainer Scott McQuarry says that they are also filing an appeal due to the Vaseline Silva rubbed on his chest prior to the fight. In addition, they are also upset about Silva grabbing Chael’s shorts.

This appeal is in stark contrast to what Sonnen said after the fight about the pulling of the tights and the knee. Sonnen had no interest in whining or making excuses after the fight and summed it all up as just a part of combat.

Yeah, Anderson grabbed my trunks but I grabbed his right back. It goes both ways. We can’t sit and nit pick some of that stuff. It’s a two man sport. It’s kind of like moving the chains in football, it evens itself out. What goes around comes around. Anderson grabbed my shorts tonight, I’ll grab someone else’s shorts down the road.

What is the end game here? Sonnen’s team is demanding an immediate rematch with the UFC middleweight champion. They believe that Sonnen deserves a “fair fight.”

What Sonnen’s trainer fails to mention is the cheating that went on in the first fight. Sonnen tested positive for highly elevated levels of testosterone after their first fight. Sonnen did not have an exemption and was suspended for a year. Additionally, Sonnen was not exactly Mr. Clean during his testimony to the CASC regarding the incident.

I am not exactly sure how someone can file an appeal based on “intent.”Anderson Silva is dangerously accurate striker. I have to think that if Silva wanted to knee Sonnen in the head that he would have done it. All replays clearly show Silva’s knee making contact with Sonnen in the shoulder or chest area. There is no case here from what I can see.

[adinserter block=”1″]That is also very unfortunate. A third fight coming off an illegal knee to the face would have been a money match. I don’t think it would have done near the business of the second fight, but there was money to be made. There is no money in a third fight as things stand today. I look at this as both a desperate cry for attention and a shot in the dark at a third fight. In reality Team Sonnen has nothing to lose.

The only appeals being filed should be from Chael Sonnen. Sonnen should file an appeal against the coach that gave him the brilliant advice of striking with Anderson Silva. Other than that, I don’t see this story going anywhere further than the blogosphere.

Update: Chael Sonnen’s manager Mike Roberts denies this. McQuarry now says he will appeal directly to the UFC for a rematch after being told by Keith Kizer there is little chance that the decision gets overturned. Good luck.

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  1. Sonnen's a one dimensional savage grappler. That's all he can do! Silva wouldn't have had to use this "legal" mode of fighting, if this untalented weakling had the courage to stand. The coward stayed by the fence in sheer fear. Sonnen needs to don his sequined panties & join the other amatuer wrestlers or the Jerry Springer show to continue his weak charade. He doesn't deserve to be in the company of MMA professsionals.

  2. Why do people get rematches when they lose anyways? That doesn't make any sense…Sonnen should've been at the back of the line and had to fight like 5 more guys before getting another shot. He got another shot and lost…now he shouldn't just be in the back of the line, he should quit.

  3. Regardless of the "intent" of the knee. It landed legally in the body. Even Joe Rogan said it in the fight highlight of that specific knee. Sonnen's people need to take his advice and stop nit picking. Accept the loss and move on. You can't squash The Spider!!

  4. Wow, is the coach that desperate for a win? Or even a re-rematch? Joe Rogan said in the fight highlight of the knee that it was in the body which was a legal move. No matter the intent of the knee it still struck legally. That's like telling a cop, "I planned to go 90mph but you clocked me at 60." Nothing he can do about it. Sonnen should tell his coach to let it go because to say you can't nit pick… he sure is nit picking. And by the way, you just can't squash The Spider!!


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