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Chael Sonnen UFC 117 Promo Collection

Chael Sonnen’s promos leading up to UFC 117 have been arguably the best UFC interviews since Ken Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz. Chael Sonnen has single-handedly turned a forgettable fight into one of the most anticipated UFC fights of the year. Sadly, this Chael Sonnen video will probably last longer than his fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 117.

[adinserter block=”2″]Check out this terrific compilation of Chael Sonnen UFC 117 promos. This compilation features Chael Sonnen at his best during the UFC 117 hype. If you didn’t know better you’d have no idea that Chael Sonnen is the +300 underdog coming into this fight. My favorite Chael Sonnen quote is when he runs down his list of demands to Anderson Silva.

If you are watching this and thinking to yourself that there is a little bit of a pro wrestling influence here, you are right. Chael Sonnen grew up in Oregon and I don’t think there is any coincidence to the fact that he sounds a lot like Roddy Piper. I don’t know how big of a pro wrestling fan Chael Sonnen is, but he was a big enough fan to have tried out at the WCW Power Plant several years ago. For the record, Sonnen passed the tryout.

[adinserter block=”1″]I give Chael Sonnen a ton of kudos. I am one of many who wasted $50 on UFC 112. I vowed never to spend another dime on an Anderson Silva fight again. Well maybe it is the old wrestling fan but I have to admit that I am stoked beyond belief for Sonnen vs. Silva. Sonnen has talked $50 out of my pocket and I’d guess hundreds of thousands more. In all likelihood I will most likely be spending $50 to watch the funeral of one of the best hype man ever to step into the octagon at UFC 117.

It was nice knowing you Chael.

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