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Chael Sonnen tests positive for PED on post-UFC 117 drug test

Chael SonnenFor most of the 2010 year, Chael Sonnen has dominated the MMA headlines thanks to his gift of gab and his in-ring domination of the presumed pound-for-pound top fighter on the entire planet. His self-promoting, outspoken promos have provided each of us with a few eye-rolls and a few laughs. Just when it seemed like Chael Sonnen was on top of the world and that nothing could shut him up, today the California State Athletic Commission has done just that. was the first to report that Chael Sonnen failed the post-fight drug screening following his pure domination of Middleweight Champ, Anderson Silva. CASC Executive Officer George Dodd stated that Sonnen received notice of his failed test on Friday. It is unknown exactly what substance triggered the red-flag for Sonnen, but Dodd did say that that Sonnen passed the drugs-of-abuse tests. Since he passed the drugs-of-abuse test (the cocaine’s, marijuana’s, ect), that tells us that the test that Sonnen did fail was the performance-enhancing drug portion of the test.

[adinserter block=”1″]So far, Sonnen’s trap is locked shut. He is yet to respond or to release any statement. An educated guess would be that he says something regarding this shortly now that the news has been officially released. Unless he successfully appeals, which isn’t likely, Sonnen is now facing some stiff fines and a long suspension. The last time there was a major banned-substance suspension, it involved both Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca following their UFC 73 Lightweight Title Match. Both competitors tested positive for PEDs. Both men were suspended for one year (though, Sherk appealed and has his reduced to 6 months) and faced fines.

Should Sonnen choose to appeal the positive tests instead of simply accepting the punishment, the process will be lengthy. Sonnen would first deny the allegations and formally appeal. A hearing would then be scheduled. A California attorney will lay out the case against Sonnen and then Sonnen will have the chance to respond. A decision would then be made afterwards.

In the eyes of many fans, the signs of a steroid use by Sonnen prior to the UFC 117 bout were already assumed. Many fans pointed out the massive amounts of acne on the back of Sonnen during the weigh-ins in the photo shown here: Sure, acne can come anywhere at any time, but it’s a major sign for steroid users.

Nate Marquardt has already taken to his Twitter account to defend Sonnen. The tweets read, “Ok so sounds like it’s confirmed that Sonnen failed drug test when he fought Silva. Apparently he was taking meds 4 flu n that made positive. And also these websites post stuff that’s not true or confirmed sometimes. We will have to see. Time will tell.”

“If (the positive PED test) is true, I feel really bad for him,” said Ed Soares, Anderson Silva’s manager. “I know he did it to himself but it is really sad, he put on such a great performance that night. It is just a shame it will be tarnished.”

[adinserter block=”2″]This comes at a terrible time in the career of Chael Sonnen. After a 3 fight win streak which started in May of 2009 that saw Sonnen defeat the likes of Dan Miller, Yushin Okami, and Nate Marquardt, Sonnen manhandled Anderson Silva for 5 rounds before submitting to an out-of-nowhere armbar triangle choke. Sure, Sonnen lost, but Sonnen was very much the victor. He had very much won the battle, but lost the war. He backed up his months of trash-talk and showed that Anderson Silva was, indeed, beatable. His near-victory had already earned him an immediate rematch which was tentatively scheduled for February 6, 2011 in Las Vegas. Presumably, that match will now be scrapped. Sonnen’s destruction of Silva will now be tainted and PED-fueled in the eyes of just about every fan worldwide.

Sonnen was just in the news again this week for providing more Sonnen-esque quotes during a UFC Fight Night Q&A session. During the Q&A, he trashed the likes of Brock Lesnar, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Sylvia, Georges St-Pierre, Wanderlei Silva, and, of course, Anderson Silva.

Sonnen brief legacy seems to have come to an abrupt end. Sonnen spent much of the last year on top of the world, but it’s safe to say he has now been knocked back down to reality. He spent many hours and used many words to abuse the best MMA fighters in the world. But, on this day, it took merely one word to shut up Chael Sonnen.


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  1. lmao sonnen (r)oider cheated and was tapped by a injured silva get your face out of sonnens balls one shot from his back set up the triangle sonnen has no sub defense and no punching power..even with roids

    • Pathetic

      Chael Sonnen and Shane Carwin are cheating douche bags. Cheaters should never be allowed to fight again and be fined for everything, period. I think it is time bar owners ban these events until olympic style blood testing is done for all known drugs. Anyone caught is banned for life. I know some argue people can get hurt if people cheat with steroids, and it is true. I don't care. I care when I pay good money to see a loser. I want to see the best killers on the planet tear each others heads off, and not get gassed round one. This goes for other organizations like strikeforce, aka bobby lashley steroid user. You better change too. I am paying to see really good fighters take each other apart. This is not a one sucker punch and I win thing which is what steroids promotes. You need to fight like a warrior you cheating pansies. I am not going to pay to see any more fights from an organization that has to have 90% plus steroid users. I already don't care to watch baseball, football or hockey for just those reasons. Basketball is just boring, like baseball, so I don't really watch them anyways. Point being steroids will cost me and many others from funding your crap. Change or go bankrupt.


  2. hate the word "luck" used in mma it wasnt luck it just shows for about 23 minutes yes chael was winning the figh buut could not end or really dop much damage to be perfectly honest but all it took was 5 seconds for anderson to end the fight. you tell me who is the better fighter.

  3. Number 1, I wrote this article and I didn't delete your comment. And number 2, learn how to read. "Sonnen manhandled Anderson Silva for 5 rounds before submitting to an out-of-nowhere armbar triangle choke. Sure, Sonnen lost, but Sonnen was very much the victor. He had very much won the battle, but lost the war." That's taken right from the story. If you think then Silva didn't get destroyed for just about 5 full rounds, than you're either blind or a Silva mark who has no idea what MMA is.

    So, since you're all about "truth", the "truth" is that Silva got lucky and beat Sonnen who had completely picked him apart the entire fight. And now, that entire destruction is moot (look that up) because of the steroid tests.

    You woulda known that, if you could read.

  4. My comments have been deleted because the jack**** that wrote this article doesn't like the truth. There was no destruction of Silva, if there had been then Sonnen would now be the champ. Pull your heads out.


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