Chad Ochocino Johnson Kicks the PAT – Video


Check out this video from last night’s NFL pre season game between the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals. Yes, that is Chad Ochocinco Johnson kicking the extra point. Ocho also kicked off for the team. I am not the biggest Ochocinco, but this is a very impressive feat from Ocho.

Ochocinco loves Twitter and has threatened to tweet during a game. The Bengals and the NFL have threatened to fine or suspend him if he does. Now if he can tweet, catch, and kick all at the same time, I think the Bengals should give him a pass.

I will also say this about Ochocinco. After watching the first two Hard Knocks shows on HBO, I have slightly changed my opinion of him. He actually comes off as a pretty decent guy. Although I am sure my opinion will change on Week 8 when the team is 2-5 and he is celebrating a touchdown.

Thanks to for tracking down the video.

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