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Cesaro’s Move to WWE SmackDown Is Inevitable

The decision to draft Cesaro to Monday night RAW made absolutely no sense. SmackDown is clearly lacking top stars and with many predicting a Dolph Ziggler heel turn in the immediate future, SmackDown will be even shorter in top faces. Meanwhile, RAW has so much depth, Sami Zayn and the newly-signed Jinder Mahal couldn’t even make it onto the show last week. The blue brand’s lack of depth will come back to haunt it sooner or later, and so it is absolutely baffling that Cesaro (the man who ENCAPSULATES EVERYTHING SMACKDOWN AND DANIEL BRYAN STAND FOR) was not drafted to Tuesday nights.

Or was it done on purpose?

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Theory: Cesaro was drafted to RAW intentionally for the purpose of him ending up on SmackDown.

Everything adds up. SmackDown feels one wrestler short and RAW feels one wrestler heavy. Of course, this might be us giving Vince McMahon too much credit and that is very possible, but if Cesaro’s move to SmackDown is as inevitable as it seems, this is how they should book it.

Cesaro seems destined for some kind of match with Sheamus at SummerSlam, probably on the pre-show. Cesaro should lose this match after Sheamus low blows him while the referee is distracted. A frustrated Cesaro should go to Mick Foley on RAW the next night and complain to him about being left of the show. Sheamus has a one-on-one match scheduled against Darren Young, but Cesaro has nothing planned for him on RAW this week. Foley apologises and says that he just couldn’t work him in as there was really nothing for him and too much going on.

The next night on SmackDown, Heath Slater barges into Daniel Bryan’s office, once again demanding a contract. Bryan says he’s sick of Slater appearing and tells him he’ll give him another chance to wrestle for a SmackDown contract, IF he can find an opponent who’s willing to take the match. Slater goes around to a number of guys who all say no. Then he bumps into Cesaro, who smiles.

The match is made, Slater versus Cesaro that night on SmackDown, if Heath wins he gets a contract. Cesaro wins and Slater’s story continues on, but Cesaro grabs a mic:

“I know this match was for Heath to earn a SmackDown contract but Daniel, Shane, if you’re listening, I want that contract,” Cesaro says.

Out comes Shane who immediately tells Cesaro that if he wants to come to SmackDown, he’s got it. They shake hands and that is seemingly that. Shane is obviously not going to turn down the offer to get Cesaro to the blue brand.

The next week on RAW, Stephanie McMahon kicks off the show, enraged. She calls Mick out to the ring and berates him for letting Cesaro get lost to SmackDown. Foley tells her to calm down, saying he’s invited Cesaro to RAW to hash things out. He calls him out to the ring and Cesaro comes out. Mick looks at him and tells him he understands why he wants to leave, but tells him he’s contracted to RAW and that Foley empathiz es with his situation. Mick had the same problem in his career and he knows it’s frustrating, but trusts Cesaro’s talent to eventually get him through that glass ceiling. Out comes Daniel Bryan, saying as soon as he heard Cesaro was invited to RAW, he knew he had to show up to stomp out any attempts to reclaim the superstar. Stephanie calls for security to remove Bryan from the ring, but Foley waves them off. He tells Cesaro that he’ll give him another title match against Rusev tonight on RAW (as his last one ended with Sheamus interference), but only if he stays with RAW. Cesaro turns to Bryan. Bryan tells him not to listen to them and that they’ll relegate him to the back of the line again next week like they always do. Bryan tells Cesaro that he’ll give him a shot at The Miz’ Intercontinental Championship in the main-event of SmackDown tomorrow night. Stephanie’s had enough and tells everyone to shut up, saying Cesaro won’t be getting either. He’s a contracted RAW superstar and there is nothing more to debate. Cesaro smiles and points to the Titantron and says play the tape. Up pops SmackDown commentator David Otunga who spews some legal mumbo-jumbo clearing Cesaro of any ties to RAW. Bryan and Cesaro leave the ring and Stephanie slaps Mick.

The next night on SmackDown, Cesaro wins the Intercontinental Championship, defeating The Miz. As he’s celebrating, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come running through the crowd and beat him down. They escape back through the crowd before the SmackDown roster can come out to save him. They yell, “RAW sends its regards”.

RAW comes along and Shane and Stephanie get in a room to bring this to a close. Shane says that he doesn’t want this spiralling out of control and that they should have a match to settle it – at Backlash, SmackDown’s home turf. Stephanie agrees, but if Cesaro loses, he comes back to RAW WITH the Intercontinental Championship. Shane is that confident that he agrees, and the match is made. Stephanie announces that it’s going to be Cesaro versus the United States Champion, Rusev.

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We come to Backlash. Half way through the match, out comes The Miz, mortified that he didn’t get his Intercontinental Championship rematch, and distracts Cesaro leading to a Rusev near-fall. Cesaro takes out Miz, hits the Neutralizer on Rusev and wins his official SmackDown contract.

Cesaro, as the Intercontinental Champion is now a legitimate part of the SmackDown roster, he’s been made to look like a massive star in the process and you’ve tied up every loose end he had on RAW. On top of that, you’ve raised tensions between not only RAW and Smackdown, who are destined for a Survivor Series Match, but you’ve driven a large wedge between Stephanie and Mick, which will be useful storyline wise.

What do you think of this booking? Let me know on Twitter: @NicNegrepontis.

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