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What Cesaro’s Move to Heyman’s Side Really Means

I am not sure what shocked me more form Monday night – the fact that Daniel Bryan remained the WWE World Champion after the show, or the solid move by the company to have Cesaro turn on Zeb Colter and become the newest “Paul Heyman Guy.” This is a move that will undoubtedly move Cesaro – although still a heel – toward stardom and a potential title.

[adinserter block=”1″]My only question about the move is whether or not he will have to go through that other “Heyman Guy,” Brock Lesnar to do it?

The possibilities are now endless that Cesaro – the best performer in the WWE this side of Daniel Bryan – is now locked with the company’s greatest asset.

Brilliant, I tell you.

Cesaro was mired in the muck as a member of Colter’s team. While he and his partner Jack Swagger were tough and rugged and a bullying tag team, Cesaro is much better on his own as a singles specialist. The Swiss import, who defied everything dynamic and took the Big Show out of the Ander the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, will prove to not only be one of the best and brightest stories of 2014, he will also prove that he should be a true title contender for Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton or even Lesnar – should he hold the strap.

And has anyone thought of this? While many said to me right after WrestleMania that they could see Heyman and Lesnar facing Bryan for the WWE World Title at Extreme Rules, what would happen if Heyman pushes Cesaro toward the World Title, setting conflict within the Heyman Alliance?

That’s just something I thought of. Feel free to use it if you want to.

With the sudden changes in the company on a most thrilling night following a thrilling WrestleMania, the WWE proved over and over again it could still wow the crowds and shock the world. A change will do you, the fans, the WWE Universe and the company a little good.

Cesaro already has a blood line for success prior to coming to the WWE. He is a two-time ROH World Tag Team Champion with his partner Chris Hero as the Kings of Wrestling (where their 364 day reign as champions was the longest in company history), as well various independent tag team titles both with Hero and with Ares as Swiss Money Holding.

He has also had success as a singles wrestler, having won the WWE United States Championship along with numerous independent singles titles, most notably the PWG World Championship.

But the thing that sets Cesaro apart is the rugged style in the ring. While he is not the best on the mic or in a promo, his actions in the ring speak for him. He is a throwback, showing skills of a Billy Robinson, strength of a Ken Patera and in-ring acumen of Dory Funk and Bob Orton, Jr. And the fact he gets over with the fans even with as a heel is something rare. True Wrestling fans appreciate good wrestling and shear power – all things Cesaro possesses.

[adinserter block=”2″]While the first man on his agenda is obviously Jack Swagger, there could be others who will be standing in his path. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Ryback (which was an awesome display when Ryback was a face), E. Langston, and John Cena.

Since Cena appears to have excised the demons of Bray Wyatt (in other words did not put Wyatt over with the WWE fans), this would be a perfect scenario. It would help Cesaro get over with the WWE Universe without Cena having to lose.

In the coming months Heyman will do his best to sell his newest client. It will be the WWE Universe’s responsibility to buy what he is offering.

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  1. I viewed Heyman as a measuring stick in whether you are over as Ryback and Axel while he enhanced both Punk and Lesnar

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