Celebrity Apprentice Season 2 is a Joke

apprentice The Celebrity Apprentice final is set and it looks like a cat fight for the ages. The 75-year old comedy icon Joan Rivers takes on poker champion Annie Duke. This season had it all, from a drunken Dennis Rodman to a snarling Melissa Rivers. This season was missing one critical ingredient to game show success, integrity.

I have watched every Apprentice since season one. I have to say that this season has been an absolute joke. Unlike most people, Donald Trump never really bothered me. Throughout this season, the man has proven himself to be a complete joke. In addition to lacking any credibility, Trump is a very sick man. Trump exploited several of the competitors for ratings and personal gratification.

It all started on show one with Andrew Dice Clay. Trump made snide remarks about Dice “liking women.” It was odd to say the least. Since when did Donald Trump become so offended by humor from 1990? Considering the fact that I see Dice’s face on posters at Trump’s casinos, I thought he had gotten past this.

Trump’s exploitation of Dennis Rodman was equally bizarre. Rodman continued to no-show tasks, yet remained on the show. It was obvious he was kept around for ratings, which just kills all credibility. Trump’s speech to Rodman about his alcoholism was completely insincere. Like Rodman or not, it was a little unfair to put his alcoholic problems out there for Trump’s own personal gain. This wasn’t supposed to be Intervention.

The idea of the show is that contestants would be fired if they were responsible for their team’s loss. Trump however fired celebrities for absolutely ridiculous reasons to manipulate the game. Jesse James was fired because he wouldn’t get his wife involved on the show. I can’t believe Trump actually said that. Jesse James is a well-accomplished businessman in his own right. The way that Donald and his crew were practically begging him to get his wife on the show was pathetic.

Poor Chloe Kardashian. I have never watched the Kardashian’s reality show so I didn’t know much about her before the show. Trump embarrassed this poor girl by bringing up a past DUI. It was a real uncomfortable moment when he fired her because she had a past DUI. First of all, if it was a problem than why have her on the show? For a guy that makes his living off of the addictions of gamblers and the consumption of alcohol, he couldn’t have come off like a bigger hypocrite if he tried.

As the season went on, it was obvious that the money final was Joan vs. Annie. It was obvious that Trump avoided firing them throughout the season so that they would be matched together in the finals. Joan Rivers should have been fired after the jewelry task. Trump kept finding asinine reasons to fire everyone around them, making the idea of the show look ridiculous.

I think it will be a fun final. As a producer, Joan Rivers should win hands down if this is an event task. Either way, this season only supports the millions of people who can’t stand Donald Trump. Any legitimate celebrity would be out of their minds to agree to do this show. It would be nice to see a boycott, but there are plenty of pathetic Dustin Diamonds that would take a spot in a hurry. All I know is that after watching this season’s Celebrity Apprentice is that Donald Trump has some serious karma coming his way.

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