Celebrity and Wrestling WWE RAW Guest Host Wish List


Emmitt SmithThe Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase will be the next Guest Host on WWE RAW. The possibilities for Wrestling and Celebrity Guest Hosts are endless. Here are just a few names that I came up with of who I’d like to see Guest Host WWE RAW.

First off, you must understand this new role of WWE Guest Host. The Guest Host will act as General Manager for a night on WWE RAW. The Guest Host will make matches and run the show. That said, I present my wish list of WWE Guest Hosts.

[adinserter block=”1″]Emmitt Smith – The idea for this Guest Host is to incorporate non-wrestling personalities. Anyone that has ever heard Emmitt analyze a football game on ESPN would be excited about this. I could listen to Emmitt cut promos all night long. Emmitt can even do a dance off to close the show. Put him on commentary for the night and you have television gold!

Ultimate Warrior – Yes I said it. The former WWF champion is infamous for his incoherent rambling promos. I would love to see the Warrior live on WWE RAW cutting multiple promos. I understand the chance of this happening is pretty small, but I can dream right?

Hulk Hogan – Of everyone on my list, Hogan has the best chance of actually doing this. Jeff Peck wrote a blog here a few weeks ago suggesting Hogan as the permanent General Manager of WWE RAW. I don’t want to see him wrestle, but I would love to see him cut a classic Hogan promo. I would not be surprised to see this happen at some point in the near future. Hogan and Vince going nose to nose once again would make for some great television.

Word on the street is that you could probably get him for a discount these days.

Christian Bale – Have you heard his rant on the set of Terminator? The guy can cut a promo better than anyone in the WWE. I would love to see him come out on WWE RAW and just rant on everyone. Can you imagine Bale’s response when Randy Orton gets in his face and complains about Triple H? “Oh good for you!” It’s gold Jerry, gold!

Tito Ortiz – Once again I am looking at people that are at the least available for the gig. Tito is available and has the Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice connection. Ortiz is a huge wrestling fan and appeared in TNA Wrestling several years back. Tito could cut some great promos and even end the night with a knockout.

An even better idea would be bringing Tito and his girlfriend Jenna Jameson as co-hosts for the night.

Chyna Doll – I couldn’t think of a better way for the former WWE Intercontinental champion to return. This would be the ultimate in Train Wreck Television. Give her some cocktails and let her have at it. Could you imagine the confrontation between her and Triple H on live television? She may need subtitles, but in the end I smell a ratings success.

[adinserter block=”2″]Iron Sheik – I save the best for last. Anyone that has heard the Sheik on the Howard Stern Show knows that the Sheik is money. The WWE has greatly misused the Sheik the last few years. The Sheik usually gets a short cameo and a short promo when he appears. This would give the Sheik the opportunity to go off.

Can you imagine if the Sheik had fifteen minutes of live television to cut a promo? The Sheik could go nuts all night threatening to humble guys and make man-love to them with his camel clutch. He could even charge the wrestlers $5 to talk to him as they enter his office.

I predict that this would be the greatest WWE RAW in television history.

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  2. i would love to see JBL as a guest host…….but if there was one person who would be the worst guest host it would be Justin Beiber…..JBL would be good…..Justin Beiber would destroy RAW

  3. Chyna doll would be good. I also think P. Diddy or torrie wilson I think alot people would like to see her again.I think Sylvester Stallone would also be good Johnny Depp would be interesting.Amy Dumas a.k.a Lita would also be nice.

  4. I think cowboy bobb orton should guest host. I mean we already had Cody's ted's and what about randy's for a change.

    I love Randy Orton future wife comin ur way!!!!!

  5. I think that if Stone Cold Steve Austin was guest host things will be fun,funny,good matches,and their will be alot of beer.But if The Rock was guest host it would be awesome,hilarious,and i would love to see one more Peoples Elbow.

  6. I think torrie willson would be a great guest host and bet the miz would be trying flirt with her and the miz ends up being rejected.I also agree. Jim carey would be fun ton watch.I also think they should invite 50cent or micheal phealipps.

  7. I think Ashley Massaro should guest host RAW.I think Jim Carey would make a really funny guest host.Serena Williams would be good.Vin Diesle would be interesing to see.Brock Lesner would be cool.

  8. You Know to all the people that say Bret Hart for guest host, Yeah id love him too, but he will never host a Raw cause frankly he hates wwe and I can't blame him, It's all these younger kids watching wrestling that's hurting the wwe, I mean pg show, where is tv 14, I have a blog that alot of people sign to have that tv 14 back, you know what would be cool in MN in jan.11 to have GREG GAGNE host raw, I mean his dad is the legend AWA Verne Gagne, trained so many wrestlers, including RIC Flair, Ric flair calls him the best trainer that ever lived, So whats your opinions in MN for Greg Gagne and possibly Jumpin JIm Brunzel the highflyers to host it, I mean the gagne's are huge in MInnesota, and would bring back some memories not only to Minnesota, but all the life long members of AWA and WWE era

  9. My wife and I watch Raw and Smack Down every week and we think Jason Statham or Vin Diesle would be a perfect guest host on raw.PLEASE we are your biggest fans.


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