Casey Anthony, Meet Karma


Casey Anthony AcquittedHunt you down without mercy
Hunt you down all nightmare long
Luck runs out
You crawl back in, but your luck runs out
-Metallica, “All Nightmare Long”

Facebook, as I write this, is currently a vessel for free floating hostility, as George Carlin might say. I have over 600 friends, many of them who merely friended me on my writing work, and they, combined with my real life friends and co-workers, are unleashing a lava-swell of anger and rage over Casey Anthony being found not guilty of the murder charges.

That she was found guilty of four instances of lying to the police isn’t enough to really assuage their malevolent attitudes, as that won’t be enough to strap Casey to a bed with a needle in her arm.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t like seeing good people upset over injustice, especially when it’s not something that they or I had any control over. So I’m writing this today to provide some kind of comfort to those who feel like justice was not carried out on Tuesday afternoon.

There seems to be this notion that Casey Anthony will simply go home, await the sentencing on the lesser charges, serve that sentence and, in a few years, go on her merry little way to freedom and happiness and success.

Yeah, about that.

Go back to October 3, 1995, when OJ Simpson was found not guilty in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown, and her acquaintance Ron Goldman. Here was this big time NFL legend, former Heisman Trophy winner and rushing champion, and he was doing movies, as well as analysis work on television. Yeah, he was found not guilty, and he was smiling in that courtroom while that weasel Johnnie Cochran back-hugged him….

…..but that smile wouldn’t last.

Simpson was then thrust into the civil trial, which was the second bullet. He ducked the first one, but that second one, as he was eventually held liable for the deaths. Though he didn’t completely pony up all the money that he was ordered to give to the victims’ families, Simpson’s wealth diminished greatly, and he found himself increasingly destitute.

Of course, Simpson could easily make that money back, right? You know, do a couple movies, get his job back as a sideline reporter, etc.

Not exactly. After the whole circus folded their tent, OJ Simpson was damaged goods. His “promise to find the real killers” became a punchline, further devaluing his already smoldering-name. Nobody would dare have OJ endorse their products or appear in their movies again, for fear of public backlash.

How bad off does an NFL legend have to be in order to steal memorabilia at gunpoint, as OJ did in 2007? Must be pretty bad off, because in the trial for THAT crime, there was little to no interest. OJ Simpson was a dead name. And when he was found guilty, and sentenced to no less than nine years in prison, there was barely a hiccup from the world populace.

OJ Simpson won the initial battle, but lost the eventual war so handily, nobody even cared.

OJ Simpson isn’t the only man to have his overall status crushed by a publicized trial. Robert Blake, the diminutive actor, was found not guilty of conspiring to kill Bonnie Lee Bakley in 2001, a crazy woman that he had married.

Apparently, Blake hired a few guys to do her in, and her murder was traced back to him. While Blake was found not guilty of participating in the conspiracy, nobody’s exactly calling him to offer him parts in their movies. At last check, Blake was working on a farm in his seventies, and is financially ruined.

Who would have guessed that when Blake dressed as a Kabuki-looking Satanic figure in Lost Highway, that would be the last we’d see of him on screen?

Let’s not forget the Menendez brothers, and how they nearly avoided being held liable for murdering their parents after two deadlocked juries. The retrial sealed their fate, and neither of those ghouls will ever see the light of day.

As for Casey Anthony, sure, she’ll walk the streets again one day, but at what cost for her freedom? No one in their right mind will have her on a talk show, because there’s going to be backlash. She’s going to be grilled by tabloid after tabloid for this, and since tabloids are viewed more than hard news programs, she’s branded for life by this trial.

She’s not even famous for anything else, other than being reasonably good looking. She’s not an actress, singer, or even a porn star. She has nothing to offer, other than decent looks.

Here’s what’s going to happen to Casey, and if you hate her guts, pay close attention, because this might be that spoonful of sugar that makes this news easier to digest.

She’s going to try to do something publically to recoup money or improve her image, like write a book or appear on a TV show. She’s going to be hounded by the media until said project is scrapped by the publisher or production company, since such bad press would tarnish them.

She’s then going to lay low, unable to enjoy life. Everywhere she goes, people are going to point and say “That’s the murderer” or “That’s the bitch”. Buying groceries or going to the beach or going to the movies is going to involve painstaking efforts to remain incognito.

[adinserter block=”1″]And forget about finding decent employment. Would you risk hiring Casey Anthony, knowing that a hundred reporters will be at your place of business to shove microphones in your face?

Her life is ruined, even in her moral victory.

Karma will begin its evisceration of Casey Anthony’s life as it remains now. It will leave nothing but an empty shell for an undertaker to one day drain of its rotting fluids.

And as for the lawyer, Jose Baez, Johnnie Cochran died of a painful brain tumor a decade after getting OJ off. Sometimes, karma is a slow acting poison, even for the grimiest of defenders.

As for Casey Anthony, today’s victory is her poison.

The win today means she loses forever.

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  1. Well i enjoyed this read. Casey is a piece of trash. I know of not one MOTHER that would go 31 MINUTES without reporting their child missing, let alone 31 days. All of the whore's fans should give her a call and let her be a nanny to your children. Whats wrong?? REASONABLE DOUBT?

  2. Flor all you pro Casey Anthony idiots, this case was a common sense no brainer that she murdered her child, Caylee. Can't you see the arrogant grin on the bitches face. I hope she rots in hell even before death!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, she can take the idiot jurors and her defense team along with her. They didn't win by doing putting on an intelligent defense; they won because the had twelve ignorant ebarbs on the juror who didn't have enough common sense to understand the overwhelming circumstantial evidence before them.

    Caylee Marie Anthony is in a better place………not with that disfunctional family on Hope Spring Drive. I hope they clear the area where she was found and they build a park for children to play in

    • Yes grinning definately means one is a murderer.

      The overwhelming circumstantial evidence?

      What would that be?

      The one search for choloform on her computer?
      The level of choloform found in her trunk that one expert said was very high and another said was normal?
      The death smell from her trunk that some smelled and others did not?
      The fact that the prosecutors never proved how, when or where Caylee died?
      The only thiong they proved was that Caylee died and Casey never reported it. That Casey partied in the days following Caylee's death.

      Kind of hard to convict someone of murder when you don't know how, when, or where this death occured.

      Whose care was Caylee in at the time of her death?

      What was the "murder" weapon and can this be connected with anyone?

  3. I do believe she will be hunted for the rest of her life and if she writes a book shame of those who will buy that piece of crap.

  4. I just feel sorry for the people who had no dogs in this fight and let it take over their emotions. If you're not in Florida, or hell, the Orlando area, it's none of your concern. After the media spectacle Casey was put through, good for her! I think this finally showcased that the girl was without malice, but nonetheless she should no longer go forth as a parent.

    Enjoy your life, Casey. The worry wort malcontents who because they spawned something once believe their voices are loudest, helped you tremendously in this battle.

  5. Part 2

    Lastly defense lawyers are not supposed to be the judges of the cases they deal in. I can't believe you are arrogant enough to insinuate that the defense lawyers are just as bad as the suspects. They are just doing their jobs. And in Casey Anthony's case, her lawyer had a really easy job proving circumstantial evidence to be exactly that, circumstantial.

    No offense sir but you are an arrogant bigot who throws stones from afar and you should be ashamed of some of the comments you made.

  6. Part 1

    The reason she is free is because there was hardly any concrete evidence to prove she had killed her child. As much as we feel like we should judge people before they are convicted, the whole phrase is "Innocent till proven guilty." Not "Innocent till proven guilty, unless I have this gut feeling that this woman killed her child." It is ignorant to write what you did, acting as if you have the right or power to judge people based what evidence you get from the media. I agree with you about being angry about this whole thing, but we operate as free citizens who have freedom till we are proven to be criminals. What happens if someone were to accuse you of rape and the only evidence they had that you raped the person was the smell of perfume being on you when you were taken into custody? Does that mean you are guilty? No, it just could mean your girlfriend was wearing it when you took her out to dinner that night.

  7. Today's juries, including this one, are under-educated and overwhelmed. I believe this particular jury (read the juror profiles) couldn't begin to understand the complexities of this trial let alone process the copious evidence and testimony presented. The prosecution did its job; the jurors, even the ones who didn't sleep through the scientific evidence, were in over their heads. And it's the jury selection process that's at fault, not these jurors.

  8. Reasonable doubt. That's why she's free. The prosecution didn't do their job, and that's why she's going free. How many men have been sentenced to jail because the courts are corrupt? How many men are branded as rapists for the rest of their lives because the courts withheld evidence? Why not talk about that first, rather than a woman who is already being punished (for the rest of her life) for a crime nobody has proven she committed.

  9. As for the article itself, I thought it was well written. I am really not into the karma thing. I mean to say that Johnnie Cochran, may God rest his soul , pretty much deserved to get painful cancer is immoral, IMO. I didn't agree with the OJ murder trial verdict, but I would not be happy if his lawyer (who was doing his job) died of cancer. JMO

  10. Amazing how no one gives a sh&t when a kid in the inner city gets beaten to death by his dad , but any time a quasi pretty white girl is murdered ( Nicole Brown), kidnapped ( Natalie Holloway) or suspected of being a murderer ( above) its on CNN 24-7 and becomes a media specticle.

    If this wasn't on the news, you or anyone outside the local Florida area would carry on with your lives like this never happened, which is what you do when it happens all those other times a year to all those other kids you don't know the names of.

    Three years of media coverage had everyone in the world convinced this woman did it. But the media doesn't convict people. You want to be angry be angry at the prosecution for leaving reasonable doubt in the minds of 12 people. Its like leaving a fight in the hands of the judges.

    In a week no one will care about this anyways, we will be on to whatever white woman problem the news networks can use to fill 20 hours of programming a day.

    • Standing ovation, Jason P. I honestly had no interest in the case, because this was yet ANOTHER pretty white girl that the media was trying to convict. People wondered why Casey was a celebrity. Well, the media made her one. I wondered if Casey were an African American woman from the projects accused of the same crime , would there be all this coverage, and I just don't think there would be.

  11. Stick to preparing wrestling articles for 4 weeks before posting them. You have no idea what a justice system or karma is. Comparing this to OJ Simpson is like comparing Grape Juice to Purple Drink.

    And please stop emailing me begging for comments,feedbacks and friend requests. You are so unprofessional and immature it makes Ethiopia wanna turn anorexic.


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