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Can’t Access Disney+ In MENA Region? Here’s How to Fix it

Some users are still facing problems after the launch.

Disney+ was finally released for the Middle East and North Africa region on Wednesday last week. The services have gone live for more than a dozen countries in the region including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Oman.

However, it seems that there are still problems to be taken care of. Apparently, the MENA launch was hindered because of problems teething after some users reported that they were not able to access the platform.

So what exactly is the problem that is arising and how can you get a quick fix for the problem if you are also in the MENA region? Here is everything you need to know:

What Is the Problem?

The most common problem arising for the residents in the MENA region is that they are facing issues when attempting to launch the Disney+ app on their iOS or Android devices. This problem is commonly observed in users who have the location settings in their App Store or Google Play account set to a country outside the Middle Eastern and North African regions.

Once the users install the app and try to open it, the home screen does not open up, and instead, a message appears that says: “Disney+ is unavailable in your location”. Frustrated users have taken their problems to Twitter and have been sharing them by tagging Disney+ and requesting a fix for it.

What Is the Solution?

For Android users, the ideal method is to change the location setting in your Google Play or App store account. However, the problem here is that Google Play only allows you to change your country once per year. You must wait 1 year after creating a payments profile before you attempt to change your country.

As for iOS users, you will end up canceling your subscriptions if you change locations from your Apple ID account. However, a Disney+ representative has provided an alternate solution.

They said: “If subscribers with a foreign app store prefer to not change their region, there are other options, too. This includes creating a new iCloud account using the Mena-based country they are in, then downloading the Disney+ app. After this, they can go back to their original iCloud account without losing any payment data or other subscriptions.”

These methods might not work for some Android TVs so in that case it is suggested to reach out to the TV manufacturer and ask them for help in changing the location settings. Also, there are chances you might lose access to some of your already downloaded content if you change locations.

Disney+ for the MENA region has been specifically localized including features like local language options, local content, and added dubbing and subtitles of local languages.



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