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Candace Bushnell: Author of ‘Sex and the City’ Dating a 21-year-old Model

Well, you know how they say there’s no age limit in love.

Ever heard the saying “love has no age limit”? Well, it seems that Candace Bushnell is literally taking the saying too seriously. The ‘Sex and the City’ author who is currently 63 has been rumored to be dating a guy who is only 21-years-old.

Well, the guy is a model could be considered a reason for the newfound love by the author. The two reportedly met in a fashion week show and have been hitting it off ever since then. Here is everything we know about it so far:

Who Is Candace Bushnell?

There is absolutely no way you haven’t heard the name ‘Sex and the City’. Well, Candace Bushnell happens to be the author of it. Candace wrote for The New York Observer in a column which was called ‘Sex and the City’ where she talked about her and her friend’s lifestyles living in New York in the 1990s.

The column was later published into a book which then gave birth to the popular HBO series of the same name and soon, two movies followed after it. The series ran between 1998 and 2004 and led the author to great success.

Candace and Who?

The author is currently 63 but her dating life is far from over. Apparently, she is currently dating a dark-eyed, tousle-haired model aged 21. According to a source, the author reportedly met the boy in a Fashion Week show in the spring and the source says that since then, Candace has “been taking him everywhere”.

As of now, the name of the young boy has not been confirmed however the source claimed that Candace has been talking to the 21-year-old while also being pursued by a 91-year-old suitor. However, nothing else is known about the identity of the second suitor as well.

Candace’s Dating Life

Previously, Candace was married to 10 years younger Charles Askegard, who is the principal of the New York City Ballet. The two met for eight weeks and then got married in 2002 only to divorce 10 years later in 2012.

After her divorce, Candace talked about being single with The Guardian where she said: “When I got divorced, I couldn’t get a mortgage; I didn’t fit into a computer model. I didn’t fit into a computer model. All of a sudden, I was invited to no more couple things. Being single is hard and there’s something a bit heroic about it.”

Other than that, Candace’s dating list is a long one that includes names like John Corbett, Bob Guccione Jr., Senator Al D’Amato, Michael Bergin, and Ron Galotti. Back in December 2021, Candace in an interview with People said that she was currently not dating anyone.



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