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Can the WWE Women Finally Main Event WrestleMania?

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The WWE women’s division has reached new heights in recent years and if you have listened or read any interview with the Superstars from the women’s division one thing is clear, their next goal is to main event WrestleMania.

But who would be a big enough star by this time next year to be in the main event? Let’s look at the potential stars


The woman on a mission

Alexa Bliss is often referred to as the fifth horsewoman, but she’s out to prove she’s better than all the rest. A top heel in NXT, she debuted on the main roster in 2016 and won the Smackdown women’s title on two occasions. Now on Raw, the sky’s the limit for Ms Bliss, she has the charisma to carry a main event storyline and judging by her no 1 contender status, the only way is up.

The true heel

When Sasha Banks is a heel, there is no one better, but we haven’t seen much of that since she joined the main roster, however, it looks like the tide is about to turn for her and Bayley might feel her wrath. This is Batista-HHH slow, so don’t expect it until at least Summerslam but Sasha is on her way to the dark side. Sasha has all the mainstream potential one could dream of, is a great wrestler and as a heel it all clicks.

The best friend

Bayley is the Raw women’s champion but hasn’t gotten over quite as much as we expected. This is down to staying in NXT too long, her character had fully grown by the time she got to the main roster, so it’s harder for main roster fans to connect with her. Look for her to be in the Summerslam co-main event, but unlikely to get to Wrestlemania, unless they drag the Sasha vs Bayley storyline out for a year!


The Queen

With her arrival on Smackdown Charlotte is set to take over this division, save for a few distractions from Natty’s second generation crew. Charlotte is the most pushed superstar out of the men and the women on the roster, she brings name value to Smackdown and will raise the profile of the women’s division.

The hero

Becky Lynch never has it easy, but that’s how she likes it. In NXT she never won the big one, but fortunately for her that worked out well on the main roster as we got to watch her character evolve and she became incredibly popular. While things are quiet at the moment, expect for her to soon get involved in the Smackdown women’s title feud

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The Champ

Naomi started at the same time as AJ Lee, but was often unfairly overlooked. Naomi never gave up however and finally got momentum on her side, getting over by sheer force of will. SmackDown’s current women’s champion is in for a star making feud with Charlotte.

The future

Asuka’s theme tells us all that she’s the future and she certainly is; she’s popular, has an undefeated streak rivalling Goldberg’s and is carrying NXT alongside Bobby Roode. She will be a tough woman to replace, due to this, she has not moved up yet, Nikki Cross is almost ready and Ember Moon is on the way, so perhaps Asuka will move up to Smackdown by the summer.

So, which of these women could main event Wrestlemania? It’s a tough one really, the four horsewomen match could do it, but how do you get all four onto the same brand? Without the possibility of that happening, if we stick within the brands, it’s very close. Raw being the main show leads me to believe that it’s Sasha vs Alexa as your main event.

Give it one more year to get to the four horsewomen match…or perhaps AJ Lee might return…one can dream!

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