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Can Seth Rollins Win a Major WWE Match Without a Technicality?

When pro wrestling historians look back, they’ll remember Seth Rollins as the face of the WWE Reality Era.

[adinserter block=”2″]Rollins is proving to be one of the more controversial WWE Heavyweight Champions, given the tactics he uses to secure the win in big matches. That’s not taking anything away from Rollins’ in ring ability; Seth Rollins has vindicated himself as one of the most talented wrestlers on the WWE roster. The big question many wrestling fans ask is whether or not Seth Rollins can win a major pay per view event without a specific technicality or a little help from his friends.

Seth Rollins’ defenders are quick to point out that Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose in a Ladder Match at Money in the Bank. In this match, Rollins and Ambrose both fell to the mat at the same time while simultaneously holding onto the Heavyweight belt. When both men hit, Ambrose landed on his shoulder, which allowed Rollins to roll away with the championship belt in hand.

While the main event at Money in the Bank was certainly an epic finish, I’d encourage the Rollins’ fanbase to look at the technicalities and stipulations that have helped Seth retain the Heavyweight strap:

  • At Extreme Rules, Rollins used the technicality of banning Randy Orton’s finishing move, the RKO, in order to pull off the win.
  • At Payback, Rollins won a Fatal 4 Way match by sliding back into the ring and Pedigreeing a dazed Randy Orton. He also received help from J&J Security at ringside.
  • At Elimination Chamber, Seth Rollins retained the title although he lost via disqualification. Although Dean Ambrose thought he won the match, the referee that was knocked unconscious. When the ref regained consciousness, he ruled the match a DQ.
  • At SummerSlam, Rollins defeated John Cena with the help of Jon Stewart, the world renown comedian. Stewart showed up in the ring with a steel chair and delivered the finishing blow to John Cena.

His record is impressive, but all of this begs the question: can Seth Rollins defend his Heavyweight Championship on a Pay Per View event and pin his opponent in a fair 1-2-3 fashion? Rollins’ pay per view win streak is certainly impressive, and he deserves all the credit in the WWE Universe for finding ways to leave the building with his title. Perhaps that’s part of the mystique of Rollins. Time after time, Seth Rollins innovates new ways of defending his WWE Championship. Seth Rollins is one of those guys that some fans love to hate.

When Seth Rollins’ entrance music hits, he produces one of the loudest pops of the entire show. It’s usually a mix between cheers and boos, given the fact the WWE fans are typically evenly split concerning their opinion of Rollins.

[adinserter block=”1″]When you look at the shenanigans of Seth Rollins, it’s hard to envision Rollins actually getting a straight up and down victory over a more physical competitor. Could you imagine a Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins Heavyweight title match as the main event of the next big pay per view?

If Seth Rollins can somehow find a way to win against some of the most feared Heavyweight Championship contenders, Rollins will certainly go down in the record books as one of the all time greats in WWE history.

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