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Can Mark Henry be taken seriously as a top WWE heel?

Mark Henry is now a major WWE heelThe wrestling world has been going crazy over the CM Punk shoot and storyline from the June 27 edition of Monday Night Raw at the end of Raw Roulette in Las Vegas, when he shocked the wrestling world with his comments about WWE, Triple H, Vince & Stephanie McMahon, even giving Ring of Honor and Colt Cobana a plug.

One particular storyline that has been overshadowed by the CM Punk storyline/shoot angle, is the Mark Henry and Big Show feud. I have never been a fan of Mark Henry. I have also seen his past gimmicks as not being taken seriously. During the attitude era he was sexual chocolate and not what he was supposedly billed as, which was the ‘world’s strongest man.’

Within the last several weeks, WWE creative has given Henry’s latest new heel turn, some actual legitimacy. It’s almost as if the heel turn of R-Truth sparked the creative teams’ juices for the revamping of characters that were seen as more less a joke to majority of wrestling fans, such as Henry. How stupid was the sexual chocolate character? I always felt Henry had more potential that some sex crazed WWE superstar.

WWE has done well with finally making Henry seem like a legitimate dangerous heel. Henry has been impressive the last few weeks as of late – from slamming spearing Big Show into the backstage area on SmackDown, slamming him through the announce tearing off the cage door and pushing Big Show through the cage recently on Monday Night Raw, to the July 1 edition of SmackDown where he picked up one of the sound crew staff and tossed him like a doll, and then destroyed the ring entrance music equipment.

WWE made a good choice actually giving both Henry and Big Show a good program. Henry has needed a bigger superstar to feud with in order to be taken seriously as the world strongest man who is an unpredictable monster heel. Big Show was the best and only choice at this moment with the current roster. Both Henry and Big Show have done well with making their feud seem believable, entertaining, and fun to watch.

While some could argue that Henry’s heel turn comes too late in the game for Henry because where he is in terms of his age (Wikipedia has him listed as 40), regardless, Henry has done very well at making himself look like a serious threat not only Big Show, but to any superstar WWE could be put up against him.

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