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Can Dolph Ziggler-Dean Ambrose Steal the WWE Show in Buffalo?

As a wrestling fan, like many of you I miss the moment of suspended disbelief, The moment where wrestling stops being wrestling and the moment where you step back and really think about what you just saw.

I also miss those moments when you watch the match and realize you aren’t watching a match as much as you are watching “art” or “ballet” in the ring. Can the WWE find that kind of magic again? There is potential to again find that pot of gold.

CM Punk and John Cena had that kind of magic. Daniel Bryan and Punk achieved it as well. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair could do the same thing and it has been said for years that Tito Santana never had a bad match while he was in the WWE. One of the reasons suspension of disbelief does not work is because the of the lost concept of Kayfabe in the wrestling community.

In years past, according to wikipedia, “one tool that promoters and wrestlers had in preserving kayfabe was in their ability to attract a loyal paying audience in spite of limited or nearly nonexistent exposure. Professional wrestling has long been shunned by mainstream media due to lingering doubts over its legitimacy, and its presentation on television was largely limited to self-produced programming, not unlike infomercials of the present day. Scrutiny existed only in limited circumstances, where in certain U.S. states, promoters had to deal with activist athletic commissioners.”

Once Kayfabe was replaced with the application of online reading, spoilers and writers like myself, nothing was re-invented to take its place. And once Vince McMahon admitted that everything in wrestling was predetermined, well, it lost its illusion.

At Battleground in Buffalo, we may very well get to see that type of match – one that we talk about for months and maybe years. Not like a Triple H-Undertaker match, but a “wrestling” match. The WWE needs Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler to steal the show on that Sunday night and remind many of us what wrestling is all about.

When we talk about Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat or Ricky Morton and Ric Flair, it was written in “To Be The Man” that Flair could re-enact a spot from the 1970s with Steamboat in 1989 that they both would go back to, recreate magic and fans who saw it both times said it was pure gold. It was also said that Morton sold for Flair like few others, and it was “ballet” in the ring. Ziggler has that ability to be Rick Steamboat. Ambrose has to re-enact the Flair “role” and the two wrestlers – who appear to be lost in the mid card- could tear the house down in Buffalo.

And yes, the WWE and wrestling in general needs more matches like these. Wrestlers like Punk, Daniel Bryan, Austin Aries and Ambrose do things that wrestlers like Randy Orton, Cena, Triple H and Ryback do not do – they sell the hell out of a match. Curtis Axel, if he ever gets it all together, could fall right into this same category. The WWE may have missed on the idea of making Ziggler the “next Shawn Michaels” or “the next Chris Jericho” but it won’t miss on this match.

Both men are looking to steal the show and prove they belong in the upper echelon of wrestlers in the company. There may not be a world title in Ziggler’s future again and there may never be a singles career for Ambrose (there will be) that is not completely void of The Shield. But for one night as fans, can’t we see something magical that takes us back to the days when we were kids and recaptures those instant moments?

Battleground has that ability, even if it is for just one match.

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