Can Daniel Bryan’s Body Make it in the WWE?


Injuries and professional wrestling go hand-in-hand. Professional wrestlers sacrifice their bodies for the fans and the passion of the sport. Their high flying moves from the top of the turnbuckles to flying over the top rope onto an opponent outside the ring. With risk comes reward for some. For others, their bodies are too brittle and they injure themselves a lot to the point where they’re never the same again. Which leads to my question: Can Daniel Bryan & Wade Barrett’s bodies last in the WWE?

[adinserter block=”1″]In the NFL, teams draft quarterbacks to lead their respective franchise. They represent the franchise. They’re paid millions of dollars to lead their team to success. If you have a quarterback like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Philip Rivers they have had success and were healthy during the primes of their careers. Yes, Brady & Manning had a serious injury but they were already established quarterbacks.

n the other end of the string, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford hasn’t been so lucky. He suffered another year-ending injury during the preseason. Two season ending injuries since he was drafted in 2010. His body is not built for the NFL. It’s a shame because he had potential but can he come back and be successful? Nobody knows but the reality of the situation is the St. Louis Rams have to plan for the future and consider drafting a quarterback.

To me the Sam Bradford situation is similar to Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett. These two wrestlers still have potential to become bigger stars. The WWE fans love them. He’s had injuries prior to the “Yes Movement” that kep him out of action for a while. Daniel Bryan was still popular but arguably mid-card wrestler at best at that time. The “Hell No” tag team phase with Kane was one of the best angles I’ve seen within the past decade. 2014 came around and out of nowhere his popularity sky rocketed. I had never seen a crowd reaction so passionate with the “Yes!” chants. The WWE needs new faces to follow behind and eventually into John Cena’s shoes. Daniel Bryan could be one of them. He’s had the crowd in the palm of his hands as well as the national media. The dream became a reality winning the WWE title at Wrestlemania 30 last spring for Daniel Bryan.

Unfortunately, the momentum crashed when Daniel Bryan was sidelined with a neck injury. Now there are rumors that he needs Tommy John surgery that would put him out of commission for a while. That means he may be out not only for the Royal Rumble but quite possibly Wrestlemania 31. Bryan’s also considering alternative medicine to remedy his health issues; acupuncture.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE Brass has a dilemma on their hands. How do you handle Daniel Bryan going forward when he’s finally back at 100%? He’ll still have his following who expect to see the WWE title back around his waist. But does he have to change his wrestling style? No more high flying moves? Rely on scientific low risk maneuvers? Hopefully someone within the WWE creative team, management, and Daniel Bryan himself will figure that out. He’s a top star and the WWE want to make sure their top stars are healthy. Knowing Daniel Bryan from watching Raw and behind the scenes he won’t give up mentally but how much longer can his body last?

Let’s not wish Daniel Bryan a speedy recovery but let’s be patient and wish him thorough recovery however long it takes. Daniel Bryan’s a WWE star. We want to see more him. And it will definitely be worth the wait to see Daniel Bryan back in the ring. Yes!

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