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Camila Cabello Accidentally Had A Nip Slip On BBC’s The One Show

Camila Cabello was on The One Show when she accidentally flashed her breast and laughed it off. On the BBC show, the musician and performer appeared via a video connection to discuss her new track.

Moments before, Cabello was asked to perform her absolute favorite dance move from Ed Sheeran’s “Bam Bam” video, and she spontaneously burst into tears. Cabello accidentally flashed her breast while rising up to showcase the motion and adjusting her top. The episode’s second guest, entertainer Alan Carr, clutched his lips shut in astonishment.

Cabello, 25, seemed unfazed by the situation, saying, “I just flashed you; I hope you didn’t see nipple,” in response to the question. A clothing malfunction was blamed by co-host Alex Jones. “I don’t know what I saw, but there was a glimpse of something.” Cabello had “cyber-flashed” Carr about a recent portion that had been featured on the program. What are the chances?” he asked, with Jones responding, “It’s all come together.”

“My mom is definitely flipping out in the next room right now,” Cabello remarked as Jones took the interview further in the conversation. In a recent interview, Cabello addressed why she ended her two-year relationship with Shawn Mendes.

Camila Fans Posting Their Reactions

People rushed to Twitter in the wake of the blunder to express their reaction @MuffledBerri retweeted the following: “Camila Cabello accidentally showed her breast on The One Show. My cheesecake almost made me gag.”

As @sarahjeanholik put it, “Picture being on live Television and accidentally nipping the entire of the UK #CamilaCabello.” Tweeted: “@Sarah EmilyP” “When Camila Cabello was executing her famous Bam Bam dancing routine straight on The One Show, she accidentally flashed her boob. Iconic.”

Shan said that: “Are people laughing at Camila because of her nip slip? wasn’t an issue and she wasn’t to blame. Who are the sexualized? It’s a natural part of the human condition. Women don’t have it for your amusement. It’s time to move on.”

Lynsey retorted: “To all the filthy old men who are spreading Camila’s **** photos… Stop being such saddos. To the women: You must know better, you lot.” That’s what Ash Skinner had to say about Camila Cabello’s breast sighting on the One Show: “Thought the one-program was a family program, just saw the singer showing her boob haha.”

If Camila Cabello’s nipple slip occurred before or after the section on postage stamp frauds, Callum wanted to know. Louise stated: “I adored the nascent bond between Camila and Alan. It was a joy to see.”

Familia, the singer’s next album, will be released later this year.



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