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Call of Duty Season 2 Reloaded Sends Snoop Dog to WWII

It’s time for a massive update.

This is that one update that the gamers have been eagerly waiting for and it’s finally here. Activision made an announcement that the Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone season 2 will be getting a major update in the upcoming Reloaded patch this week.

Many new things will be featured in the latest update including new docks, revamped areas, and some new modes to look forward to. Here is everything we know about the update so far:

Call of Duty Season 2 Roadmap

Gamers would already be familiar with what a roadmap is but for those of you who don’t know, a roadmap is an image that features all the new content coming into the game. With the roadmap for the latest update, we can see that Rebirth island of the smaller Warzone map will be receiving an update.

Also, there will be a new Operator who is being called Gustavo and a brand new weapon Armaguerra 43 will also be introduced into the game.

What’s New?

Along with the biggest update ever given to rebirth Island, a new mode called the Rebirth Resurgence Solo mode will be added to the map that will allow Solo players to compete in a deathmatch of survival where winners can earn respawns.

A new mode called Arms Race will be added to the new update for Call of Duty: Vanguard and a new map called the Alps will also be added for players. Arms Race will be a game mode featuring a 12 versus 12 game where players will be tasked with taking control and holding the bases of operations from their enemies.

In the Arms Race mode, Buy Stations will be included as similar to Champion Hill which will allow players to purchase new items and upgrades for themselves. Snoop Dog, the iconic rapper will also be available as a cosmetic bundle in the store of both games. The Armaguerra 43 sub-machine gun can be unlocked for free as well if players complete challenges or they can just buy it from the store bundle.

Call of Duty Season 2 Release Date And Trailer

Usually, Activision releases a trailer of Call of Duty Warzone when a new season or a reloaded season for the game is coming but it has not been revealed to date. Although a trailer is expected to be released soon.

As for the release date, the date has been officially revealed for Call of Duty Warzone season 2 and confirmed by the game developers. Season 2 is scheduled to go live on 23rd Wednesday 2022. The hype for season 2 is already high and gamers are really hoping that the new update meets their expectations.



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