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Buy Guitar Hero 5 and Get Guitar Hero Van Halen Free

Guitar Hero Van Halen box Is Guitar Hero Van Halen going to be that bad that it is already being offered for free? I don’t think so, but Game Stop has a tremendous offer for Guitar Hero fans. For a limited time, Game Stop is offering Guitar Hero Van Halen for free with any purchases of Guitar Hero 5.

Video game retailers are getting very aggressive with their deals. If you do the research, you can find any number of great bargains on new video games online. I have heard of some great deals, but I have never heard of a brand new game being offered for free. I can’t see anyone topping this Guitar Hero 5 deal.

The bundle also puts a whole new spin on Guitar Hero 5. Honestly, I am not that excited about it. The song list doesn’t necessarily appeal to my taste in music. However, knowing I would probably Guitar Hero Van Halen anyway, why not buy the 2 for 1? I don’t think this is as much to do about low expectations for GH Van Halen as I do for GH 5.

The great news about this deal is that it is extended past pre-orders. Guitar Hero 5 comes out September 1. This gives you a month if you want to rent it or try it out before you take the buyer’s leap. The deadline for the deal is October 1. You also don’t need to order any special Guitar Hero 5 or bundle combination. Ordering the game or the game with instruments gets you Guitar Hero VH for nothing.

Crafty shoppers could also look at this is as a $30 discount on Guitar Hero 5. If you were going to buy GH 5 and not GH Van Halen, buy it through Game Stop. Once you get GH Van Halen game, sell it on Amazon for $30 and you just paid $29.99 for Guitar Hero 5. I would suggest doing this fast if that is your plan because game values drop quick.

The only minor catch is that you need to mail in a rebate to get your Guitar Hero Van Halen game. The deal specifies that Game Stop will mail you Guitar Hero Van Halen when it becomes available. If you are dead set on getting Guitar Hero Van Halen on opening day, you may be delayed a few days. However, the $59.99 savings is sure to make up for the inconvenience.

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Guitar Hero Van Halen Trailer

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