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Business Proposal Episode 12 Release Date And Time Out

What’s in store now that season one has ended?

Business Proposal became a great hit with K-Drama lovers as soon as it debuted on Netflix and it also gained the attention of many non-viewers with its “feel good” romantic comedy. Now that the first season of the K-drama is about to come to an end, the fans are left with many questions.

Is the 12th episode already out and will there be more episodes after that? What is ahead now that season one has ended? And Will there be a season 2 of Business Proposal? Today we discuss all these questions.

What is Business Proposal About?

The business Proposal series is based on a Korean webtoon of the same name. The plot features the story of Shin Ha Ri who works for a company but struggles financially. She also has a crush on a male friend of hers but the guy already has a girlfriend.

Jin Young Seo, who is the daughter of a chaebol family and also a friend of Shi Ha Ri, offers her a proposal in which she will pay her if Ha Ri does her a favor. Jin Young asks Shi Ha to take her place on a blind date and offers to pay her money for it. Shi Ha immediately accepts the deal and goes for it.

She disguises herself as Jin Young but plans to scare off her suitor on the blind date and get rejected. However, when Shi Ha meets her blind date, she is stunned as she finds out that the blind date is Kang Tae Mu, who is the CEO of the company in which she works.

And to Shi Ha’s surprise, Kang Tae decides to keep dating the fake Jin Young, and now Shi Ha has to find ways to keep up this façade and also save her job in the process.

Business Proposal Episode 12 Release Date and Time

The release of episodes for Business Proposal has been different as compared to other shows on Netflix as it premieres at 10:30 am ET unlike the other shows that release at 3:00 am ET. The 12th episode of Business Affair dropped on 5th April at 10:30 am ET on Netflix and can be streamed now.

Following are the different timezones for the release of episode 12:

  • Pacific Time: 7.30 AM PT, April 5th
  • Central Time: 9.30 AM CT, April 5th
  • Eastern Time: 10.30 AM EST, April 5th
  • British Time: 3.30 PM BST, April 5th
  • European Time: 4.30 PM CEST, April 5th
  • India Time: 8 PM IST, April 5th
  • Japan Time: 11.30 PM JST, April 5th
  • Philippine Time: 10.30 PM PHT, April 5th
  • Australia Time: 12 AM ACST, April 6th

Unfortunately, there will be no more episodes of the series as the story ended on episode 12. Also, K-Dramas usually don’t have second seasons so it is unlikely that Business Proposal will have one either. Also, there has been no official announcement regarding a second season yet.



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