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Bruno Sammartino Talks WWE HOF, Vince McMahon, Punk, and More

Over the last thirteen years Bruno Sammartino has become a frequent guest of my Pro Wrestling Radio show and podcast. The topic of the WWE Hall of Fame came up every time which is why I thought it was only appropriate to find out what changed his mind from the legend himself.

[adinserter block=”1″]Bruno will be going into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame on April 6 in Madison Square Garden. When I first heard the news I was more surprised than anyone. How did this happen? For over a decade Bruno made it clear that he had no intentions of going into the Hall and was very public about his dislike for Vince McMahon. So what happened?

Rather than speculate I thought it would be a great time to dust off the old radio show microphone and bring Bruno back on the air. I called Bruno who not only immediately accepted my invite, but started to tell me about it over the phone. I had to stop him. I wanted everyone to hear it and we set up to interview on Thursday night February 14, 2013.

The full, uncut interview is here and I must say that it is certainly worth a listen if you have any interest in Bruno and/or this story. Here are some highlights from the interview.

– Why he is going in the Hall of Fame? Everyone is giving Triple H all the credit for getting it done and he deserves a lot. But there is one man I haven’t heard mentioned that probably has more to do with Bruno going in than even Triple H.
– Who is under consideration to induct Bruno into the Hall of Fame? I have to admit that I think this one could be a little controversial. You have to hear it to believe it. As much as I love Bruno I think he may be playing this one wrong.
– How he thinks his meeting with Vince McMahon will go and what he wants to say.
– Any concerns about the WWE making him look foolish in television appearances like they have with other legends.
– The chances of calling one more match with Vince on RAW like Jesse Ventura did a few years back.
– Thoughts on recent comments Jesse made about Bruno.
– What fans can expect out of his new relationship with the WWE other than the Hall of Fame.
– Thoughts on comments CM Punk made about him during his promo.
– Will his Hall of Fame speech be scripted?
– Who were his biggest influences?
– Thoughts on going in with Bob Backlund, Mick Foley, and Trish Stratus.
– The WrestleMania 2 Battle Royal with the football players

[adinserter block=”2″]Today’s WWE wrestling and if anyone sticks out as a future star.
There is much more to the interview and it runs close to an hour in length. I really think you’ll come away from the interview with a much better understanding of why Bruno is going in than you would have before listening to the interview. Bruno and I will also follow up sometime after the Hall of Fame with another interview. Stay tuned for more details.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who submitted questions on Twitter. I got a ton and tried to ask as many as possible. I’ll throw that out again next time I have him on if I missed your question or you missed out on submitting one. [powerpress]

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