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90-Minute Bruno Sammartino Interview – Full Audio

Check out the full audio from a 90-minute interview with former WWWF champion, Bruno Sammartino. The former WWE star shoots hard on a variety of topics. We spoke for over 90 minutes about everything from his thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame, to Ric Flair’s criticism of Bruno, and even sparring with Sonny Liston.

Some excerpts of the interview include… On the WWE Hall of Fame – Today I get a lot of mail that comes here. I would say that maybe two out of twenty letters that I get, they tell me stuff like, “You know Bruno you are being stubborn, you aren’t being fair to the fans who supported you, you should go into the WWE Hall of Fame regardless of your feelings towards Vince McMahon because you owe it to the fans to go to the Hall of Fame and by not going you are being disrespectful to the fans.”

[adinserter block=”1″]On Ric Flair’s comments about Bruno in his book – Somebody heard me something negative about him and asked me, “How come?” You know what? Ric Flair, I never said anything negative about Ric Flair for years, but in the last couple years yeah I have been negative on Ric Flair and I will tell you why. I ignored the different things that he said about me for example. He said, “Sammartino, the only place he means anything is in New York. What’s the big deal? Nine million people there, I could sell out Madison Square Garden when I’m 55 years old.”

Bruno talks more about Andre the Giant, MMA/UFC, his opponents during his 1985-87 run, Ray Stevens, Ken Patera, and this Day in Bruno Sammartino History. Check it out in full here on The Camel Clutch Blog!

The Bruno Sammartino Interview on –
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