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Brodus Clay Talks Being Bumped From WWE WrestleMania 29

As big as the high is of wrestling on a WWE WrestleMania, the low is incredibly rough of being booked and then scratched from the show. Brodus Clay experienced that mix of emotions this year and is finally talking about it.

[adinserter block=”1″]Imagine you are a guy like Brodus, mid-card, finally getting a push, and eyeing a spot on what is predicted to be the biggest WrestleMania in WWE history. Then imagine being that same guy, telling your friends and family, preparing all day, and the being told you are bumped due to time. Like Brodus or not it is hard not to feel any empathy for the big man.

That is exactly what happened to big Brodus at WrestleMania 29. Clay was scheduled to team with Tensai and his dancers against the Rhodes Scholars and the Bellas twins. The match was hardly a draw but to the eight involved, it was the biggest night of their careers. Unfortunately there came a point in the event where the matches ran over and the eight-person match was pulled. Brodus told the guys at Busted Open that he was crushed.

“I got dressed early. I had new boots, Tensai and I had new gear. We had actually had suits made, tear away suits, like pin stripes, we had like a gangster look. We had a hat for Tensai, which is impossible. The guy’s head is unreal. I had to go to like four different places to get a hat. As a show of team unity I put the face tattoo on like he has. We were ready to go and we were really fired up. I was excited. As each match went down, they’re always on us about time and stuff, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. We were in the Gorilla, we’re getting ready, waiting for the finish of the match and noticing time’s going on a little longer and unfortunately the boss, in a very classy manner, had to stand up and tell us unfortunately we have to cut it due to time. Like I said, at that point, as would anybody be, I was devastated. Upset, a little angry, a little sad, just a lot of things. Like, you work all year for that opportunity and so to have them take it from you is always frustrating.

“I actually was one of the last people to leave. It took me forever to pack my bag, it just took forever. I was on a pretty much empty bus and I was looking at my phone and there was some chants from the crowd saying Brodus got screwed, or something like that. It was a bunch of fans trying to be positive. It was a kind of negative message and I sat on the bus and tweets were pretty negative and stuff like that. I just decided at that moment I got a lot of kids who look at the Funkasaurus and enjoy that stuff so this is an opportunity for me to show everybody that you can take setbacks in life, we all have them, and not just focus on the bad part about it.

“Yes, I was hurt. Yes, I was setback or whatever, but we’re going to take it and we’re going to use it and learn from that experience and build on it. So that’s what the whole process has been with #365 It’s just been more and more fans have shared their stories and I didn’t expect that at all. It’s been everything from they want to lose weight to they want to fix their job to be a better parent or be a better son or daughter or finish their education. So it’s been a lot of different things. I think we’re in day 72 or 73 today and it’s been a pretty crazy process in terms of, I learn about the fans and get a better understanding of what they want from me and what they get out of the stuff that we do. Sometimes we lose sight that some people do look forward to us coming out there every week and make them laugh and not think so much about the other things that are going on in life.”

What a great answer! The positive of this age of social media in pro wrestling is that it allows fans to develop a more personal connection with the wrestlers. Some wrestlers embrace it and others use social media as little as possible. Brodus gets it and I find it refreshing that he actually credits hearing from fans to helping get over that crushing blow.

[adinserter block=”2″]Brodus also mentioned that the office praised him for the way he handled the situation.

“Triple H, he’s a man’s man. He came up to me and shook my hand and said it took a lot of guts to handle things that way. Across the board, other wrestlers came up to me and same thing. Everyone was pretty positive.”

I’m not a Brodus Clay fan inside the ring but after getting this brief glimpse into his personality I am certainly a fan of Brodus the man outside of the ring.

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