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Brock needs The Rock at WWE WrestleMania 32

Many fans are looking ahead to WrestleMania 32 right now and to be honest, that’s to be expected. WWE’s main event roster is basically a M.A.S.H unit, as one guy after another has been laid up or is just out of the game.

[adinserter block=”1″]Had all of this happened earlier in the year, perhaps Mania wouldn’t even be an afterthought but the question of just who will be ready for the big show is being asked by a lot of people right now. One of the great unknowns surrounding WWE’s most important event of the year involves The Beast Incarnate.

Just who exactly will face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania? Think about it. What Superstar is physically or mentally ready for arguably the industry’s toughest and most athletically gifted performer of all time? For that matter, is anyone truly ready at all?

Daniel Bryan was believed to be a great choice at one time. He is known for his high-paced offense and submission style, which would be perhaps the perfect counter to Brock’s UFC attack. Correction, Daniel Bryan was known for his high-paced offense and submission style, which would have been the perfect counter to Brock’s UFC attack.

Since that ship has sailed, who’s left? Cesaro seems like a good candidate. He’s popular, he’s freakishly strong and fans really want to see him succeed in WWE. In many ways, he’s in the same spot Daniel was in before he exploded, why not give him the nod for Mania?

The problem is WWE doesn’t seem all that interested in giving him more than one win at a time. He may be popular but that does not mean the company believes in him and no matter how much fans want him, they may not get him.

Dean Ambrose is the wildcard of the discussion. After all, Roman Reigns got his shot to prove himself against The Conqueror at WrestleMania 31, maybe it’s time for The Lunatic Fringe to step up. Dean’s fans want to see him get to the next level, what better way than book him against Brock?

Dolph Ziggler is an outside option as well. The Showoff loves to show off, so why not let him do that with a guy that can give him the biggest rub of his career? Ziggler sells like nobody’s business; he would make Lesnar look amazing, like he needs it, so Brock would surely return the favor.

But none of the three options are jumping off the page and fans would arguably not believe any of them really has a chance of taking Lesnar down. That begs the question why book any of them? Then there’s the fact that all three are babyface right now; how much does that screw everything up?

WWE exhausted the rivalry with Undertaker and truth be told, that needs to be left right where it is. It ended on a perfect note and both guys deserve to have that legacy remain intact. To revisit the feud again is to perhaps lessen the impact that was left by their last match and that should not happen.

So what’s next? What heels are available and ready, or could be ready, by 2016? Kevin Owens? Rusev? Samoa Joe perhaps? For every fan that’s consumed with the lack of main event talent currently in WWE, this problem alone should be at the top of their complaint list.

This is a real issue for the company, Lesnar is a moneymaking star. How can the company move ahead with any plans for him at Mania when there’s no one to move ahead with? Does Mania happen without him? Not a chance. Knowing that and knowing no one else is ready, then fans are left with really only one choice.

If you said The Rock, move to the head of the class. You’re not the only one thinking it and honestly, this is a bit of speculation that any fan with half a brain can spew forth and feel really good about. Think about it; who’s left?

Who’s better than The Rock for Brock? Who’s better to step up against The Beast Incarnate than The People’s Champ? Rocky’s in amazing physical shape, he still has the promo skills, he has drawing power and he’s healthy. The last part of that sentence alone qualifies him for a second look. The fact that he’s a businessman that will do business in the right situation with the right worker makes him the best candidate for the job.

[adinserter block=”2″]Speaking of job, who goes over in this one? Does WWE continue the trend of “Brock smash” and put him over on yet another legend? Considering all he’s done and considering he’s very good at what he does, how could the company not book him in such a fashion?

Would Rocky be willing to once again take the pin from a guy that beat him in their one and only match? Or would ego combined with common sense say no, that can’t happen? The fact is there are too many questions surrounding what WWE will do with Brock at WrestleMania; maybe diving into those surrounding a match with The Rock is too much right now.

In the meantime, fans will likely still talk about it and still wonder what WWE will do. But as that’s happening, the question of “who’s ready” cannot be ignored. With any luck, the company isn’t.

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