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Brock Lesnar’s Next WWE Match Official For SummerSlam 2012

It won’t come as a big surprise to anyone but the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H match is now official for SummerSlam 2012. Lesnar finally accepted the challenge on RAW and will wrestle his second WWE match in 8 years in just a few weeks.

Here is how it all went down. Triple H called out Brock but instead got Paul Heyman, Heyman said that Brock would not accept the match. Heyman made a crack about Hunter’s kids which brought out his wife Stephanie McMahon. Steph warned Paul about the kids comment, Paul made another, and got slapped. Stephanie later made remarks about Paul being a failed businessman and his kids being ashamed of him. Heyman got hot and told her if she wants her husband’s career ended, she’s got it. He accepted the match on Lesnar’s behalf.

[adinserter block=”2″]Lesnar finally came out as Steph was attacking Heyman again. Lesnar and Hunter went at it with Brock leaving the ring and both guys staring down (after tearing their shirts off). It wasn’t bad but it was a little ridiculous to see the tough former UFC champion backing down to Triple H. On the other hand they could always play it off as mind games on Lesnar’s part. I would also dare say that the brawl was not as heated as any of the Cena-Lesnar segments.

Picking Triple H as Lesnar’s opponent following the loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules is an interesting choice. I like it but it has gotten some negative feedback from critics. There is the question as to whether Hunter and Brock could put together the same kind of believable match that Brock and Cena had at Extreme Rules. I think they could but Triple H is going to have to take a heck of a beating for it to happen.

The other question here is how much does Brock sell for Hunter? Would it be reasonable to have a former UFC champion come into a WWE ring and lose a punch battle with a semi-retired pro wrestler in his 40s? He barely sold for Cena but it worked. Would it kill Brock’s mystique to see him bloodied by Triple H? These are all legitimate questions and when you are talking about a $5 million investment, you have to make sure everything is right.

Lesnar is signed for one year but with limited dates. The buzz on Lesnar appears to be that he’ll disappear for awhile following SummerSlam. I think Lesnar needs to not only go over Triple H here, but needs to go over on him big. I’d almost keep the match at under five minutes (will never happen with a Hunter match) and make it a one-sided squash with one “hope spot” from Triple H. Lesnar needs to leave SummerSlam with the same perception of being a real life tough guy as opposed to just another WWE wrestler. Anything less than a one-sided destruction could really hurt Lesnar’s marketability going forward whether he wins or not. Unfortunately tonight’s angle was not a great sign.

Going forward you’d still have some interesting possibilities for Lesnar’s remaining matches. Although it doesn’t appear to be in the plans, I think there would be a huge demand for a Lesnar vs. Undertaker match stemming from their UFC incident a couple of years ago. I am not as convinced as some that The Rock vs. Lesnar would be the mega-match some predict. Austin would be fantastic but like Triple H, I don’t know if you could get a believable match from a UFC fighter vs. a retired pro wrestler nearing 50.

[adinserter block=”1″]Regardless of the questions I am excited to see Lesnar back in the WWE ring at SummerSlam. All of these questions only make the match more fascinating to me. On the other hand, if Lesnar loses this one I’d call it a day, buy out his contract, and let him go back to the negotiating table with Dana White.

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  1. If lesnar loses i will no longer watch wwe. It is an embarrassment that triple H even has a chance. Why bring lesnar back if ur going to make him job to everyone. If i wanted to see a jobber i'd just watch heath slater fight


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