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Brock Lesnar’s Next Fight will be at UFC 121

Brock LesnarBrock Lesnar’s next opponent is no secret. Cain Velasquez is the man (or victim) next in line for the UFC champion.Brock Lesnar’s next fight is now official. Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez will headline UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez on October 23, 2010.

If that sounds soon, it isn’t soon enough for UFC president Dana White. Dana White attempted to headline UFC 119 in September with Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez. The combination of a new child in the Lesnar household and allowing proper time to let his cuts heal made Lesnar unavailable for such a quick turnaround. It appears that Dana White and Brock Lesnar met in the middle with a UFC 121 October 23 fight.

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This is quite a difference for Brock Lesnar who went twelve months between his last two fights. Ironically this is the same exact time line that was planned between Brock Lesnar’s last two fights. Lesnar vs. Carwin was signed originally for UFC 106 in October 2009, coming off Lesnar’s win over Frank Mir last July. UFC 106 was the first of several cancellations for Lesnar who was battling diverticulitis. Lesnar had no problem mentally or physically accepting such a quick turnaround last year (until he got sick), so I see no problem with Lesnar getting back in the octagon so soon.

[adinserter block=”1″]It is Brock Lesnar’s challenger who may be the one with layoff issues coming into UFC 121. Velasquez’s last fight was a first round knockout win over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in February. That is an eight month layoff between fights for Cain Velasquez. Velasquez did have a seven month layoff between fights in 2008-2009. The layoff didn’t impact him at all as he beat Denis Stojnic via TKO in the second round and won Knockout of the Night. Of course fighting Denis Stojnic and Brock Lesnar are not exactly one in the same.

The UFC may have a tougher time selling this fight than any of Brock Lesnar’s other fights. Lesnar holds the record for his UFC 100 fight with Frank Mir for the most successful event in UFC history. There is early speculation that UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin could actually finish second to UFC 100 in buyrates. I can’t see the same interest being there in Lesnar vs. Velasquez. The story of a fighter with the knockout power of Shane Carwin, never going past the first round against the seemingly unbeatable Brock Lesnar is a lot easier to sell than the now invincible Brock Lesnar against well, Cain Velasquez.

[adinserter block=”2″]On paper it doesn’t look like Velasquez has a prayer in this fight. I think the Cheick Kongo fight exposed Velasquez’s weakness against capable strikers on his feet and Brock Lesnar is certainly a capable striker. Cheick Kongo was able to give him problems when they were on their feet. Unfortunately for Kongo, Velasquez is an outstanding wrestler who dominated Kongo on the ground. Velasquez won’t be able to dominate Lesnar on the ground, he certainly won’t be able to stand with him, and he will be greatly out-sized, so how can he beat Lesnar? The only hope in my opinion is that Velasquez has is to draw the fight out for five rounds because Velasquez does have outstanding cardio. Grinding out five rounds with Brock Lesnar is a lot easier said than done.

Then again, these are the kinds of fights where upsets normally happen. Counting out a fighter who is 8-0 with 7 knockouts is a recipe for disaster.

UFC 121 takes place October 23, 2010 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

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  2. The next big thing!!! Brock Lesnar!!! hands down will destroy Caine…6 foot 5 265lbs NCAA champion=great wrestling background…heres a guy no wait….heres ah barbarian..ah beast..ah warrior..ah 20th century GLADIATOR..who has the speed of a light weight and move like 1 too…his punching power is off the charts..its like dropping hydrogen bombs…heres a guy who has 2 get his gloves cutom made because his fists r the size of bowling balls..and all that alone he can defeat any 1…now think about it..right now hes training even more by the days go in deferent mma fighting styles..with these other skills hes just like every body says….INVINCEBLE!….albert u said Fedor?? man Fedor only faught like 3 guys that was worth fighting…all the others were just has beens and no bodys…Fedor vs Brock?? BROCK WINS BY TKO 2ND ROUND…Brock vs Cain?? BROCK WINS KO 1ST ROUND..Brock Lesnar is 2days HULK!! if u or any 1 else dont believe me then check out BROCK LESNAR: EVOLUTION on youtube..then ull change ur mind!

  3. first off brocks a monster dont get me wrong but he is not invincible he holds you down and hits you till the ref stops the fight he is a stonger roy nelson i would love to see brock fight a man a stand there and trade punches and if he does it wit cain you are all gonna be very upset cuz brocks gonna go down there is nothin i hate more then one someone talks so much about someone who is not that impressing if i was 6'4 265 270 im sure i could do the same shit brock does show me something new show some skill putting 265 pounds on a man and hitting him isnt skill all i have is one name FEDOR be wear brock times ticking

  4. well as i do respect all of your comments ecspecially tom rs alot of you are right its a no contest and they should find a dfferent opponent for brock lesnar to feed to him cain is just a snack compared to the meals that ufc has to offer put him against someone good with a good record or somethng that makes them special anything that gives them a chance like carwins first round knockout streak and i dont remember which one of you said it but the ref wasnt near stopping it he didnt get beat that bad it was a 10 to 9 and only 12 punches connected to lesnars face if you watched it over again but anyway that person ur on some good stuff if u think anyone in the ufc let alone cain can knock lesnar out or out wrestle him mabye youve been in the ring with him already nobodys gonna knock him out he is invincible the only reason he was beaten by mir is because he tore his achilies heel two years ago in wwe and took a year out for surgeory then came back to ufc 6 months after his surgeory walking on it it takes 6 years to heel completely and your still in pain then give him credit he deserves it and if you actually watched any of his matches youd see how dominant he is and how amazing of a wrestler he was and is gives him a huge andvantage i predict either a first round ko brock lesnar winning a second round tko lesnar winning or the team throws in the towel cause hes bleeding to much

  5. Look Doubletree. I agree with Eric. Cain is outmatched. Though strength and size play a huge part in making the other fighter afraid of you, they play no part in an actual fight. just look at any of the Gracie fights in Ultimate Ultimate. Size doesn't matter. Now it does matter when it comes to wrestling. Bruce Lee stood, 5'6 and weighed around 130-140. yet he had the power of someone 300 lbs. I studied at his school in Washington and let me tell you, I've never been hit as hard as I was by a 120 lb. kid from 1 inch away and I'm 249 6'3. Size isn't everything. However for wrestler to wrestler, power does count. Brock will upset any Cain fans by simply being far stronger than Cain, Far more determined to stay on top and far faster. only way Cain can stand a chance is if he actually learns another martial arts style and learns it well to help him out. Maybe Akido for clutching and BJJ for when he gets down to the ground,. but that's my opinion.

  6. Wow, not giving cain much in this article. If anything, I think the carwin fight showed one thing for sure and for certain and that is that brock doesn't like to get hit. Granted, it won't be carwin swinging, but cain doesn't exactly hit like a girl. If he has enough wrestling to keep brock from taking him down, I think cain has more than a fair chance of ko or tko. Not enough respect for cain's expoliveness and punching power here. And I wish people would not refer to brock as invincible, his first round with carwin was a 10-8 loss. He just was very lucky that the ref didn't call it and carwin punched himself out. That was totally a one-sided fight.

    • Doubletree, I politely disagree with you. No way will Cain's punching power put Brock down. Even Carwin's punching power couldn't knock him out. He will be greatly outsized come fight time. I did say that this is the kind of a fight that upsets do happen. You're right Lesnar was very lucky it wasnt called but it wasnt and you can say that about a lot of fights (what have/could have). I am sorry but I just don't think Cain is big enough or strong enough to win. He can't stand with him because Kongo got the better of him every time he tried to stand with him, and he isn't strong enough to hold him down. I am by no means saying that Cain doesn't have a chance, but I certainly wouldn't pick him.


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