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Brock Lesnar’s Money Promo From WWE RAW – Video

 Brock LesnarIf you are one of the millions of pro wrestling fans that have stayed away from the WWE the last several months, you are missing some great stuff. Brock Lesnar is back and the former UFC champion is cutting some of the best promos of his life.

[adinserter block=”2″]I will admit that the thought of a Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match really didn’t excite much when it was originally announced. I just see the two guys as a clash of styles. They can certainly go out there and brawl but I just think you need someone a bit different for Lesnar’s first match. After Lesnar’s promo this past week on Monday Night RAW, I will gladly say that I am wrong.

Growing up as a pro wrestling fan in the early 1980s, I was deluged with pro wrestling promos. Fortunately for me I got the best of them, as I got up every Saturday morning to watch some of the best in the business make false promises, promise revenge, and stand up for good in a battle vs. evil. Sadly I feel that the WWE has really missed that aspect of the business over the last few years…that was until this past Monday.

While the WWE superstars were in England, the WWE production crew sat down with Brock Lesnar for his first extended promo since returning a few weeks ago. The promo was not coincidentally shot almost identically to the promos you will see during a UFC Countdown special. The WWE went out of the box with this one and scored a home run in my opinion.

Lesnar came off as the world’s biggest bad a#s. Lesnar didn’t talk as if he was doing a pro wrestling promo. Lesnar talked with the same kind of intensity he used when he talked up the biggest fight in UFC history against Frank Mir at UFC 100. Lesnar came off as real as it gets and used some language that some of you with thin skin or youngsters watching may find a little offensive.

The bottom line here is that Lesnar delivered a message clearer than any other WWE superstar has in years. Brock Lesnar doesn’t like John Cena, thinks he is a phony, thinks the only reason Cena succeeded was because he left, enjoys the fear in Cena, plans to bring legitimacy to pro wrestling, and is going to beat Cena up badly at Extreme Rules 2012. It doesn’t get any more money than that.

So here you go. Check out the video from the WWE’s You Tube page of a sadistic Brock Lesnar talking about why he came back, what he is going to do, and talking his way into what could be one of the biggest buyrates for a WWE “B” show in several years.

[adinserter block=”1″]Equally impressive was the promo cut by John Cena later on RAW. I am not a Cena fan by any imagination, but he really stepped up his game in this one. I love the fact that he went serious and put over his match with Lesnar like a real fight. I also love the fact that Cena remained serious, dropping the goofy one-liners and silly grin. It was the perfect compliment to Lesnar’s promo earlier in the show. In my opinion, this is John Cena (and the WWE for that matter) at their best when it comes to building up a huge match.

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  1. I loved these promos as well (both from Lesnar and Cena). Cena is a great promo guy when he is allowed to be. When he's forced to stick to a PG script, it often comes across as forced and bland. But when given some latitude, Cena is one of the best promo guys today.

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